Cloth Embroidered Patches

Request custom-made cloth patches produced to your plan. They are solid, completely launderable, and dependable. The silks utilized for weaving are hardwearing and dynamic.

Custom Patches for Your Clothes

One of the most well known ways of showing custom patches is by appending them to pieces of clothing. A considerable lot of our customers make their own fix plans and use them to spruce up shirts, customize caps, add style to pants, embellish coats, and that’s just the beginning. We’ve made clothing patches that include business logos, groups, fine art, leisure activities, clubs, statements, motion pictures, and a variety of different interests.

Show Your Extraordinary Style

At American Fix, we offer the best custom patches at cutthroat costs. You can make almost any shape or size fix, and we incorporate up to 8 string tones at no extra expense! This implies you can make your definitive extra. Clothing patches are perfect for articulating your thoughts, however they can likewise be utilized to bring together associations, address local area occasions, sell items, assist with bringing issues to light, from there, the sky is the limit. The excellence of our custom patches is that they can be made for and worn on almost anything. They could be utilized to fix openings in your clothing!

Great Clothing Patches

At American Fix, we offer in excess of 120 string and twill tones and utilize the best quality materials to guarantee strength. This implies you can undoubtedly make the ideal custom fix to grandstand what your identity is and what you love. We can assist you with concluding which sort of fix is ideal for yourself and we’ll try and send you an example. Investigate a portion of the clothing patches we’ve made in the past in our exhibition for motivation.

The most effective method to Apply Clothing Patches

Heat seal (or iron-on) patches are famous for caps, regalia, and shirts. They are easy to apply, and they can keep going for quite a while in the event that you deal with them appropriately. In the event that you have an intensity press machine, we prescribe utilizing it to apply the fix, however a family iron works as well. Dealing with an intensity seal is straightforward. Try not to wash the piece of clothing in steaming hot water since it liquefies the paste backing. One more basic fix to apply to clothes is oneself stick fix. You simply press it on to the article of clothing with your hand. Remember this is an impermanent fix and won’t keep going seemingly forever. Self-stick clothing patches are brilliant for offering to customers, or at occasions like career expos.


For comfort, nothing is superior to stick patches. You can join and take off them from clothes utilizing the pin on the back. They are enduring and incredibly sturdy. Plastic patches are likewise an incredible choice. You append them utilizing texture stick, and the support guarantees the paste won’t seep through the texture. Another helpful choice is the snare and circle fix, which can be utilized on regalia. In the event that you are helpful with a needle and string, you can utilize unbacked clothing patches. Simply sew them on and you are all set. Risqué patches keep going seemingly forever and are our most customary fix.

Why Pick American Fix?

For north of 20 years, American Fix has been making excellent patches. We make patches for kids’ gatherings, Fortune 500 organizations, government associations, and clubs across the US. We have a proverb, “Any fix for any reason.” Since our commencement, we have invested heavily in making the best custom patches available today.

The justification for our prosperity is the outstanding worth and quality we offer each customer. The following are a couple of reasons you ought to pick American Fix.

•             Free Transportation in the US

•             Free statements

•             We make an example fix first, then you endorse it before we complete the request

•             American Fix rushes to answer any inquiry. Most customers hear back from us in somewhere around 24 hours of their statement accommodation