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Bullion Patches


Bullion Patches

Bullion patches are made by our skilled designers. Their beauty is shown in the combo of gold and silver bullion badge wire. Some works make up of silk and cotton pearl threads. Which is sewn on the item. Bullion patches made the design look rare. Its right alignments are done by hand stitches. The base stuff comes from silk, Felt, Wool, Blazer, and/or velvet.

Please ask us @capital digitizing. About the lovely bullion patches. So that you can dress up your cloth.

The sure sign of a Bullion Patch is the wire that stitches .It aids shine to any design. Also, their rare stuff, give these patches a 3-D look.

Bullion Patches Are Used For:

These patches are used to put the letters. And outline the trim of the design. They’re also used to fill the web design patterns, make rare letters. And to make eye-catch borders. All with the best emb patterns inside.

They’re used by elite clubs, ARMY uniforms, golf clubs, and more. Their look is diff from other embroidery patches. Gold and silver threads replace ordinary yarns or threads.

This patches, give you with a final product. That matches your needs. To sum up, it is the high quality product.


Bullion patches are made by our skilled designers.


Can Be Attached To Any Cloth Stuff:

Bullion patches can be sewn. They can be attached to diff cloth stuff. For eg jeans, jackets, and much more. They’re also at hand with optional attachments. Which lets them a place on a jacket. By means of butterfly hook. They’re without a doubt the ultimate in images! But, the designs need to be made by the experts. As they know how to make stitches. And where to make alters in the process.

The Price Of Bullion Patches:

It depends on the details of a design. But, we rest-assure that you get these top-quality patches at fair rates. We own a team of digitizers. Who’re always here to help you. By sending you rare bullion patch artwork. Special Offer for New and old Client: Create your own custom bullion patch from your logo, design, or old patch.

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