Chenille Patches


Chenille Patches

Chenille patches come from the French word. It means “fuzzy caterpillar. It is a type of fabric look like a towel. That gives a complete design with a soft look. The market place tries to look for the world of chenille. This type of sewn has made its way into the home decor shop. This shop gives a lot of changes in the form of custom design pillow covers etc.

Special Chenille patches machines

There are special machines for chenille patches. Modern machines offer a combo. Both chenille and regular Emb. can come up on the same design. Most machines make a chenille stitch. They often used as fills and chain stitches. They’re also used for the firm’s logos. Emb. needles are diff than that chenille needles. Also, chenille patches machines do not have a bobbin. But, the yarn comes from down the machine. Then loop brings up with the help of a looper.


These designs ask for size. Also, lots of detail varies with the design size. Smaller designs are more complex. This kind of Emb does not grant the use of many loops. However, we can add more details in small designs. Mostly Wool jacket decor with Chenille patches.

Want to try something new? We can use diff loops of yarn. The look and texture of 3,4 or even 5 loops of thread are quite a diff. As no one said each loop must be of the same color. Chenille is catchy for Kid’s apparel. The promo products firms use it for sweatshirt emblems. It is also used for direct Chenille patches combo.

New rich machines just look for someone to put them to use outside the sports. For those who own a spirit and no sense of limits. When both chenille and chain-stitch emb patches are merged. Best results can get.

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