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PVC Patches


PVC Patches

When the conversation turns to patches, most people think of a woven patch or a classic embroidered design. There are all kinds of ways to make beautiful artwork for a set of classic patches, but these days a lot of our customers are turning to a more modern alternative: PVC patch. The polyvinyl chloride material we use to create soft PVC patches is similar in look and feel to a rubber patch, resulting in the most flexible and durable designs you can find, while also allowing our customers to capture incredible amounts of fine detail in their custom artwork.

A Modern Tradition with Classic Appeal

Looking for patches with 3D artwork that’s water proof and weather-resistant? PVC patch are perfect for situations in which the wearer is likely to spend a lot of time outdoors, or on the water, or just for someone looking for a different kind of non-threaded patch.


You Can Be Proud Of!

PVC Custom Patches For Any Occasion

PVC patches are custom made to survive any kind of environment you can imagine. Just like a traditional embroidered patch, they are easy to attach to anything from jackets and vests to hats and backpacks. They’re also waterproof and easily withstand cold temperatures, making them perfect for any activity from an afternoon on the ocean to cutting up snowy slopes in the mountains.

Even if you don’t plan on your patches getting into trouble outside, custom PVC patch are durable, easy to wash and have the best options for layered design and custom 3D artwork. And while it may sound like PVC patch only fit the needs of our more active customers, the truth is that you can find them just about anywhere.

Attach Patches is Quick and Easy

Attaching PVC patches to clothing or equipment is easy. Sew, glue or Velcro them onto material. The flexibility of removing the patch and placing it on other apparel and gear appeals to many of our customers. That’s why Velcro backing remains popular.

Patch Backing Options

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No Backing
Hook and Loop
Iron On Backing
Safety Pin
Peel and Stick
PVC Backing
Send Us Your Ideas

Give details about the design you want to digitize and the final size of it. Pick the stitch type and thread colour.

Get an Online Proof

Once the artists complete their digitizing or vector design, they send it back to the team head for a check-up.

Receive Order

Track your order and contact per customer service agent if your order is delayed.

Features & Options

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The possibilities are endless when you upgrade your PVC patch with one of these optional add-ons. PVC patches are an excellent choice for outdoor activities because they're not only water-resistant but also highly durable. They are resistant to intense heat and cold without tearing up or popping off your garment!

3D Sculpting
Adding Patches To Hats
Velcro / Hook & Loop
Waterproof & Durable
Color Matching

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