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Woven Patches

Woven Patches

Woven patches are perfect for anyone looking to capture even the smallest details in design with clarity and accuracy. While embroidered patches have a more traditional, layered look to them, woven patch have a flat surface and seamless appearance. Customers looking for a patch with small lettering and intricate details choose woven patch because of their tight weave pattern and smooth texture.
Create your woven patches

Create a Fully Customizable Woven Patch:

The most customizable woven patch you can get without using your own loom. Made with industrial woven machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are two stories high, you’ll get the very best quality and the most customization options by partnering with The/Studio.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll be able to customize:

Woven Patch Backing Options:

Make sure your woven patch stays in place. Make sure your patch stays put. Choose from 10 backing options to customize not just how your patch looks, but also how it’s used.

Iron-on Backing with Paper Insert
Velcro Hook Backing
Adhesive Backink
Thin Paper Backing
Base Materials

Select what type of base material you’d like your chosen thread woven into.


Made on a jacquard loom, this soft cotton fabric is the most popular woven patch base material due to its top quality and design clarity.

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This fine, plain-woven fabric is lustrous with a crisp texture and a vintage look, making it ideal for simple, nostalgic designs.

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Borders & Edges

Give your woven patch the perfect finishing touch with a smooth or textured border.

Merrowed Border
Embroidered Border
No Border
Get Help on Your Custom Woven Patch Project

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a custom product? Let’s patch you through to a customer service representative who can help you kickstart your custom patch project.

How to Create Your Custom Woven Patches

No sewing, DIY, or arts & crafts required. Get a glimpse at just how easy it is to create custom-manufactured woven patch when you partner with Capital Digitizing.

Pick Your Patch

Weave through all the options. Start with the basics: what type of patches you’re looking for and...

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Get Artsy

Your woven patch are the canvas, and you hold the brush. Upload your own artwork if you have it...

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Give Us the OK

We’ll send over a mockup or physical sample of your patch for your approval, then make as many...

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Receive Your Patches

Mail time! We’ll send your gorgeous woven patches to your doorstep, with free tracked shipping.

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