White fabric patch caps have a similar quality as our cowhide patch cap assortment yet accompany a full variety Morning Wood Organization patch. This style of cap has been worn consistently at the shop and seen has many grimy days, and numerous clothing days as well. It will not dishearten!

Our strong variety fabric patch caps are the workhorses of the shop. There’s nothing that will hinder them taking care of their business. From hot days outside cutting trees, to hanging with the children at the ocean side; these caps got you covered.

Bundle content: the bundle comes to you with 1 sheet of enormous white fabric patch, which is not difficult to cut and utilize, fordable and versatile, helpful and viable, decent material to patch garments or fix things, giving you a ton of comfort

Quality material: the material of the iron-on retouching fabric is polyester and cotton, with a solitary sided cement plan, which can be warmed by iron, areas of strength for with, difficult to tumble off, heavy and solid in quality, well gathering your different day to day utilizing needs

White fabric patch


Reasonable size: the white fabric patch glue patch estimates around 43 inch by 1 yard, you can slice it to the sizes or shapes as you like and need, giving you more decisions for various size fitting and creating prerequisites

Lightweight and flimsy: the iron-on fabric patch has lightweight, with smooth surface, agreeable to utilize, giving you great touch feeling, durable and solid, difficult to tear when washed by clothes washers, hand or cleaning, giving you long time use

Generally use: the huge white fabric patch can be applied for most tears, worn regions or openings of garments, jeans, pants and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, well fixing the messed up spots and lessening the maintenance imprints, or you can cut it in various shapes, well coordinating with the garments or enrichments, carrying more excellence to you

The Vocalist huge iron-on patch is measured to suit different necessities, from retouching garments with various tears and little openings to fixing enormous tears or just adding adornment to fabrics. The patch, measured 7 creeps by 16 inches, is iron-on, no sew required, and made of a polyester/cotton mix that is tough yet delicate. Retouching fabric is level, with no obvious surfaces or examples. Essentially iron-on the fabric for a launder able, very fixed repair. Not suggested for nylon or rayon fabrics.