That is going to belong to boys as well as girls across the world, the scouts happen to be an existing rite that belongs to passage. The boys, as well as girl’s scouts, teach young children trust, loyalty, work ethic, as well as much more. An existing big part that belongs to scouting happens to be the merit badges, which happened to be first issued back in 1911. Back then, there happened to be fifty-seven badges, while now there happen to be over 150.

Over an existing hundred million merit badges have been awarded worldwide, as well as little has changed inside of terms that belong to design. While they happen to be similar to traditional patches seen on top of uniforms as well as other garments, there happen to be various distinct differences between the two. Today we examine those differences while taking an existing closer look at merit badge design. First things first, let’s discuss merit badges.

Originally introduced scouts of Merit badges


Merit badges happen to be defined during the same time as awards earned by members that belong to the scouts based on top of activities within the area that belongs to study. They happen to be earned by completing an existing list that belongs to periodically updated requirements. The program’s purpose happens to be to allow scouts to study subjects closer to determine the possibility that they would such as to pursue them during the same time that an existing career further. The program originally introduced scouts to the life skills that belong to an existing adult they had not met before.

However, these days merit badges happen to be earned inside of an existing class setting at troop meetings as well as summer camps. Boys, as well as girls, are going to spend weeks as well as sometimes months earning an existing badge. Merit badges happen to be not just decorations to add to the uniform. They serve during the same time that an existing symbol that belongs to their accomplishments.

Because children typically wear merit badges, they happen to be smaller than traditional patches. Most patches happened to be initially 1.5 inches inside of diameter. However, the scouts happen to be using larger patches that happen to be about 2.25 inches. Using an existing full-sized traditional patch would look out that belongs to the proportion that is going to belong to younger children. Merit badges happen to be often round inside of the shape to fit inside of rows that belong to three on top of the scout’s sash. Creating multiple-sized merit patches would exist a difficult lineup correctly.

Traditional patches and merit badges

Merit badges happen to be even sewn into cuffs as well as belts, except that depend on the top of the organization. Much such as traditional patches, and merit badges may exist as a creative. They happen to be also collector’s items that even those not involved inside youth organizations collect thanks to their distinctive look as well as meaning.

Now that we have an existing better understanding of what belongs to merit badges let’s explore traditional patches. Typically, traditional patches happen to be embroidered as well as feature an existing sew-on backing material. The biggest difference between traditional patches as well as merit badges happens to be that patches aren’t regulated to exist as one shape or size.

Embroidered patches may exist as a customized inside in several ways, which gives you the option to get creative depending on top of the purpose that belongs to the patch. While merit badges make note that belongs to accomplishments as well as achievements, traditional patches can exist as a user during the same time that identification that is going to belong to employees, an existing style accessory, or even that is going belong to marketing as well as promotional purposes.

Patches may exist as a created inside of virtually any shape or size as well as include unique details such during the same time that images, text, as well as unique color options. You also have plenty that belongs to options at the time when it comes to how you have the desire to attach your patches. That was by the popular sew-on or iron-on patches to Velcro, tape backing, as well as much more, you have plenty that belongs choices to choose that was by. While merit badges, as well as patches, happen to be similar inside of many ways, merit badges stick to an existing stricter design formula, while traditional patches can exist as a product that is going to belong for any reason.

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