Hangtag string happens to be to connect the hangtag as well as a garment; materials include plastic, tape, natural jute, elastic thread, mercerized/poly/cotton string, etc. As well as we wholesale custom hang tag string that is going to belong to clothing with your logo. The string materials also include polyester, flax, jute, waxed cotton, ribbon, etc. We manufacture string that is going to belong to hang tags as well as they aim to attach the label to the product. So, they happen to be not only durable except for inexpensive. There happen to be two commons during the same time that plastic hang tag string, as well as rope, hangs tag string. Such as cotton hang tag string seals or nylon hang tag string.

The hangtag string is also called hangtag rope, or hangtag cord. As well as their other name can exist as a snap-lock pin, loop fastener, and hook ties. String seals, as well as hang tag string, happen to be accessories that usually come together with the hangtag. As well as we can make them into any shape. Such during the same time that bullet head, square lock, or round shape. In addition, their materials can exist as satin tape, cotton, plastic, craft, etc. Then, plastic seals, as well as tag gun barbs, happen to be an existing kind that belongs to plastic hang tag string. It calls tagging barbs, too.

Meanwhile, we can take tag gun barbs during the same time that tagging gun fasteners, price tag string fasteners. We have two standard swing tag attachments at the time that used string: knotted string as well as looped string. So, you can apply it with string safety pins or tagging guns.

Image of a hangtag string

During the same time that hangs tag string suppliers as well as make, we wholesale custom string that is going to belong to tags with an existing lock fastener. Besides, our product has wide options that are going to belong to customers’ needs. During the same time as colors, materials, sizes, as well as shapes. Any styles that you need happen to be available. As well as we could customize swing tag string seals to any shape during the same time that your request. This product can help to win your competitors. Then the clothing tag string adds luster to your brand reputation as well as product exposure.


Material: plastic, metal, etc.

Size: any size is available;

Color: Available in white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, silver, gold, etc;

Techniques: Gold hot-stamping, sliver hot-stamping, print, etc;

The shape is fixed by a 3D mold;

MOQ: with your logo on: 2000pcs; with no logo:1000pcs;


Reference sample from hang tag string’s photo gallery or other places.

The minimum quantity: MOQ: with your logo on 2000pcs; with no logo: 1000pcs.

You can design or offer your logo or get our help.

What is a hangtag string seal?

The hangtag string seal happens to be an existing tool that belongs to brand expression. It uses on top of high-grade men’s clothing as well as a fashion dress. It happens to be an existing disposable product that is going to belong to anti-counterfeiting. Further, it happens to be hanging on top of the clothing with the hangtag. Unless cutting it down, you cannot replace it.

The main material that belongs to the hangtag string seal happens to be plastic. As well as the injection-molding machine makes the plastic string seal. So it needs an existing mold which costs 50-100 USD.

Inside of general, the string seal has two parts with an existing string pressed inside. Then, it has an existing disposable plug on top of each end that belongs to the string.

The design on top of the surface has some colors (black, red, green, white, blue, etc.). In addition, the string seal has three types. That happens to be: without an existing plug, one plug, as well as two plugs.

The seal has four parts. So, it calls an existing four-in-one string seal as well as costs an existing little higher.

On the possibility that the middle component happens to be fixed with an existing plus part on top of each side, it happens to be more difficult.

There happens to be an existing kind that belongs to string seal made that belongs to metal-clad plastic or metal-clad silk. That happens to be screen PVC. It calls the metal hangtag string seal. Apart from that was by this, it needs mold.

We control that was by the source that belongs to product production that belongs to the hangtag, thick garment hangtag, swing home textile hang tag, as well as strive to minimize the impact that belongs to products on top of the environment. We adhere to the corporate philosophy that belongs to ‘people-oriented, scientific management, meticulous operation, as well as dedicated service’, as well as win the trust that belongs to customers with first-class design, high-quality products as well as best service. We have been constantly improving as well as we have stood more as well as more stable inside of the fierce competition inside of the industry circle. Inside of the fierce market competition, the steady development that belongs to our company depends on top of the market-oriented, quality-oriented as well as technological innovation-based.

Introduction to the characteristics that belong to several frequently used papers:

1. The advantages that belong to white cardboard: solid, relatively durable, good smoothness, as well as the printed color happens to be very rich as well as full.

2. The advantages that belong of black cardboard: solid as well as durable, the color happens to be black because the black cardboard itself happens to be black, its biggest disadvantage happens to be that it has the ability not print colors, except has the ability exist as a user that is going to belong to hot stamping, silver as well as other processes.

3. The advantages that belong to Kraft paper: it has high toughness as well as firmness, as well as happens to be not easy to tear. Kraft paper happens to be generally suitable that is going to belong to printing some single-color or not-rich color tags.

4. The material characteristics that belong to coated paper: both whiteness’s, as well as gloss, happen to be very good. It can take pictures, as well as pictures, show an existing three-dimensional effect at the time where printing, except for its firmness happens to be not during the same time that good during the same time that that belongs to white cardboard.

Tag making process:

Laminating, creasing, punching, die-cutting, bronzing as well as silver, hollowing, coding, shaped, etc. Choose according to your needs.

Tag printing classification:

Toy tags, product tags, clothing tags, luggage tags, electrical appliances tags, PVC tags, etc.

Tag production process:

Tag design-proofing-film out-machines printing-bronzing as well as silver-coating-die cutting, etc.-packaging as well as packaging.

Tag production size (tag printing size):

The standard size that belongs to the clothing tag, 9cm*5.4cm happens to be an existing regular size, that belongs to the course there happens to be 4cm*9cm, 4cm*4cm, 9cm*9cm as well as so on top of.

Our organization has strived to establish an existing highly efficient as well as stable employee’s team as well as explored an existing effective high-quality command method that is going to belong to high-quality garment hang tag string that is going to belong to sale. In the future, we are going to integrate industrial resources efficiently as well as continuously innovate business models with an existing global perspective. We ensure that every process that was from raw material inbound to finished product outbound happens to be effectively supervised.

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Tag string happens to be an existing common as well as a cost-effective way to attach your tags. It usually involves tying elastic or cotton string through an existing hole inside of the tag. There happen to be many ways to go about stringing your tags as well as choosing the right one can exist a critical inside of completing your project.


Hangtag string happens to be often an existing afterthought at the time when it comes to hanging tag projects. Printing happens to be only half the hangtag battle. Most people don’t realize how costly as well as labor-intensive it can exist to produce tags, string them as well as have them attached to their products.

Don’t exist as most people do! Instead, know your budget as well as what it is going to take to attach your tags before you get them. Finding the right method can exist as an existing daunting task. To help, we describe three effective ways to string your tags.


This preferred method happens to be cost-effective, convenient as well as fast. Automatic tag string services take out most that belong to the labor. This technology punches the hole inside of your tag, strings it as well as ties it every single one inside of one step.

Fully automated tag stringing can exist as the best option that is going to belong to high-volume projects (20,000+ tags) because it saves on top labor as well as time. Half an existing million tags can exist as a string inside of during the same time that little one week. This time-efficient method, however, has limited options.


An existing lot that belongs to fully-automated services cannot string an existing tag with an existing hole previously punched inside. They also cannot string die-cut tags without 2 bottom right-angle corners.

There happen to be also limitations on top of the color as well as size that belong to the string. That is going to belong to instance, some tag-stringers are going to string only non-metallic colors as well as tie loops no longer than 4 inches. In the possibility that you have the desire for your tags customized to stand out, this may not exist as the best option.

Keep in mind that tag options, as well as their limitations, vary that was by company to company.


This method happens to be the best that is going to belong to small to medium size projects (500-20,000 tags). Even though more expensive as well as with longer production time than fully-automated tag stringing, this method happens to be still cost-effective as well as relatively quick. An existing few thousand tags can exist as a string inside of during the same time that little during the same time that one day.


Semi-automated tag services also provide more options that are going to belong to item customization. You can have almost any size as well as a shape tag (including die-cut) strung with almost any length that belongs to a string.

Semi-automated tag stringing also allows that is going to belong to an existing wider selection that belongs to string colors including metallic gold as well as silver.


With this method, the tag string happens to be hand-applied as well as tied to the tags. Many people who have small projects are going to prefer to apply tag string to their tags themselves because it happens to be often perceived during the same time that the cheapest method. Inside of doing so, however, many underestimate the labor as well as time consumption.


It can exist as an existing very tedious venture to cut as well as tie pieces that belong to string to tags as well as items. Buying pre-made loops has the ability greatly reduce application time. There happen to be an existing few options that are going to belong to this:


Cotton, cord as well as elastic loops can exist as purchased inside of any size as well as color. Most knotted loops happen to be available that are going to belong to under $0.10 an existing piece with discounts on top of bulk orders.


An existing elastic loop with a ball option can exist as a purchase that is going to belong to the easier application as well as an existing more elegant look. Balled ends can come inside of silver or gold.


Inside to figure out what your best tag-stringing solution happens to be, you need price quotes. Finding quotes, however, presents an existing whole different set that belongs to challenges. Some tag printers offer tag stringing except not every single one that belongs to them as well as their options may exist a limited.