Taxi Driver Jacket Patch

  • 2pc Embroidered Patch
  • King Kong 4″ Wings 4″
  • Iron on sew on
  • Made sold by Miltacusa
  • Package includes: one pack of 20 pieces.
  • Size: 3 x 2 inches(8*5 cm);


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Feature of Product

  • Exquisite embroidery technology. Assored patterns and words in one package , including logo patches, meme patches,funny patch,flag patches, and each patch is unique, which makes them more attractive.
  • Perfect clothing and personal accessories;
  • High-quality polyester fabric, durable, anti-wrinkle, easy to clean;
  • Hook backing for attachment to tactical backpack and gear, which can be attached/sewed on various clothing (except delicate silk or fabric) and backpacks;
  • Easy to disassemble, can be replaced at any time;
  • Suitable for men, women and children, suitable for holidays, anniversaries, parades and various other occasions, outdoor activities, or collection hobbies;


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