Sew On Patch Custom

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Sew On Patch Custom Mario and Luigi Mushroom Iron on Patches Embroidered Motif Applique Decoration Sew On Patches Custom Patches for DIY Jeans, Jacket, Kid’s Clothing, Shoes, Arts Craft


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Sew On Patch Custom

  • A great creative DIY decorating accessory for handmade arts and crafts projects. The patches are coated with a special glue that melts due to heat and thereby connecting well with the textiles.
  • Size: range from 3cm to 9cm,1set 17pcs as your choose
  • Wide Application: these embroidered patches will add a creative touch to apparel and clothing. Great for decorating or patching holes in clothing, bags, Shoes, Books, vests, shirts, jackets, denim, backpacks, towels, blankets, gym and book bags, seat covers, costumes, capes, sleeping bags, tactical backpacks, jeans, hats and caps, hoodies.
  • Iron on Patches: these decorative patch appliques can be iron on where you like. 1: Put the PATCH on the place you want, and preheat the iron(120-150°C). You can put cotton fabric on the patch to secure the cloth before ironing. 2, From 2 sides of cloth ,respectively iron 30-60 seconds with pressure to ensure that the adhesive melts and fix well. 3: Finally, iron from the front for 1-2 minutes, the main position are edges and corners to make the whole patch smooth and never roll up.
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