Puch Maxi Motorcycle Patch

  • Size: 14cm x 4cm / 7cm x 7cm
  • Style: Embroidered
  • Theme: Logo


SKU: EP01225
Availability: In Stock

Puch Maxi Motorcycle Patch Iron On Or Sew On Patches Embroidered Vintage Motorcycle Patch.

Puch Maxi Motorcycle Patch″ Gray Bar & Shield Logo Patch, 8011444. High-quality embroidered iconic Bar & Shield logo. Sturdy black woven trim that will hold up ride after ride. Small size patch, Size: 14cm x 4cm / 7cm x 7cm ″. Sew-on patch. Great looking patch to be sewn on your vest or jacket.

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  1. Edward (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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