Prideful Patchez, Biker Chic Patch

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  • Style: Embroidered
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*Please be aware that images are for advertising purposes only. Patches are sold individually (1 piece).

For all our Motorcycle Chics…This one is for you! (4in)

Welcome to the Prideful Patchez online boutique, your hub for everything PRIDEFUL!

Prideful Patchez, Biker Chic Patch is an online patch boutique that specializes in producing and selling culturally inspired and social justice related statement patches that can be applied to your jackets, pants, hoodies, and more!

In addition to patches, we sell pins, accessories, stickers, gift boxes, t shirts, custom jackets, and more!

Our patches are the perfect gift for holidays, graduations, and celebrations.

Indeed, no matter your race, ethnicity, or religious background, you will always be able to find a statement patch that speaks to you.

From HBCU pride to sassy and classy statement patches, we have a patch that you’ll love. And each patch is iron or sew on and they can be attached to almost all clothing items including hats and jackets!

We also offer custom patch services. If you are interested in having custom patches made please inbox us for details.

Conventional Iron Instruction:
1) Set Iron to the hottest heat level with no steam.
2) Place heat resistant cover over patch
3) Hold iron on top of patch for 35-45 seconds
4) Turn garment inside out and repeat step 3
5) Allow the patch to cool down before manipulating it
6) Enjoy your Prideful Patchez!

Heat Press Instruction:
1) Set your heat press to 350 degrees.
2) Place your patch in the desired position and place a heat resistant cover on patch
3) Press the garment for 30 second
4) Turn the garment inside out and press for 10 more seconds.
5) Allow patch to cool down before manipulating it

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  1. Jackson (verified owner)

    Good service.

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