Leather Vest Patches

Vintage 90’s Harley Davidson Leather Vest And Jacket Patches And Pins Sz 48 & 50.

Jacket is black leather thinsulate with zip in liner and zi cuffs

Large Harley patch on back

Black leather vest with multiple Harley patches and pins

Both have been work well but everything functions and no rips or tears on leather

One is a size 48 and one is a size 50


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Whether you’re on a cross-country journey, going to the bike shop, or simply cruising around town, wearing the right vest can have you looking and feeling your best. The Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Vest for Men from Diamond Plate makes a stylish addition to your riding wardrobe. Buffalo leather comes from the water buffalo common to areas of Asia and the Middle East. The leather is quite durable, easy to care for and resistant to water and scratches. It has a finer texture than cowhide, thus the finished product is smoother and softer. It is also thicker than cowhide, making it very durable. The durability is excellent and the tear resistance superb. This item consists of hundreds of individual pieces of hand selected buffalo leather stitched together. This stitching process takes several hours of additional production time but the end result is well worth it! Multiple patches adorn the piece, saving hours of your time sewing. Size Medium to 3X Large. 

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