Iron On Letterman Embroidery Patches

Iron On Letterman Patches 3″ Numbers College Varsity Letterman Embroidered Iron On Patch Varsity Jacket Many Colors To Choose From Customize


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Iron On Letterman Patches:

If you need a different color or size, please send a message.

Height: 3″; Width: Varies, Between 2.25″ and 2.75″

Made in the USA with high quality, 7mm strong, heat seal iron on backing.

Application and Care Instructions also included with your invoice.

Great patch to add (either by ironing or sewing) to your jersey or shirt, favorite pair of jeans, backpack, bookbag, jacket, or luggage

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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Patch Application and Care Instructions–Pre-wash and dry the article you wish to iron on to. Pre-heat your iron at the cotton setting and turn off the steam function. Place the patch onto the article and cover the patch with a thin cotton cloth (i.e. T-shirt, dish towel etc.). Tack the patch into position by applying pressure with the iron for about 10-15 seconds. Try not to move the iron around too much. Turn your article inside-out (with the cotton cloth between your article and the iron), apply pressure with the heated iron for about 20-30 seconds on the back of the patch to complete the adhesion. Allow the patch to cool completely. Test edges for adhesion. Please give the patch enough time on both sides to adhere. The thickness of the patch and of the fabric onto which you are applying determines how long you need to hold the iron, so if you find the patch is not adhering well, re-apply pressure on both sides until the patch adheres. Please do not iron the patch onto delicate fabrics, leather, or rain wear. Stitching can provide an additional hold. Wash inside out on cold, and hang dry (no dryer, please!). Please note! Iron-on patches work best on smooth fabrics. It may be more difficult to iron-onto wool, hand-knitted, stretch, thick corduroy and other specialty fabrics. We would therefore recommend stitching in these instances.

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