Iron On Custom Logo

SAAB Logo Embroidered Sew on Iron on Patch Car Great Quality Jacket Jeans N-255


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Iron On Custom Logo:

*Lay your cloth on a flat, heat-resistant surface like an ironing board. To ensure the item will provide a good surface for the patch, iron it first.
If it’s a backpack or another item that’s difficult to iron, do your best to arrange it so that the part of the fabric that will be receiving the patch is flat against a hard surface.

*Place the patch in the position you chose. The adhesive side should be flat against the base fabric.

*Heat up an iron. Turn it to the hottest setting your fabric can tolerate. Make sure the “steam” option is turned off.

*Place a thin towel over the patch and be careful not to move the position of the patch. The towel will protect the patch itself and the surrounding fabric.

*Position the heated iron over the patch and hold it there for about 10-15 seconds. Apply as much pressure as you can by pressing down firmly.

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