Harley Davidson Back Patch

Multi-Variant Big Size 25cm-30cm Embroidery Harley Davidson Back Patch for Fashion Accessories


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4 NEW Harley Davidson motorcycle PATCHES in classic Harley Orange white and Black you will get a LARGE BAR & SHIELD BACK PATCH & a small BAR & SHIELD + 4” Pocket Bar + A WINGS Harley Davidson Motorcycle logo also pocket sized 4 Harley Davidson Patch Classic Orange LARGE BACK & small BAR & SHIELD + 2 More!. This super mega patch lot includes 4 NEW Harley Davidson in classic Orange a LARGE BAR & SHIELD BACK PATCH AND a smaller 4 inch BAR & SHIELD +2 More. 4 NEW Harley Davidson patches in classic Orange to iron on or sew on 1)LARGE BACK PATCH & 2) small BAR & SHIELD + 3) 4” Bar + 4) 4” WINGS the Large BACK PATCH BAR & SHIELD is a sweet 12×10” ALl are NEW in classic orange Harley Davidson regular size pocket PATCH small BAR & SHIELD is 4X3 inches pocket 3.75 X1.25 sized Bar and a 4X1.25 WINGS Harley Davidson motorcycle wings logo all in the original classic Harley Davidson motorcycle orange color scheme. The original is always the best the logo patches are for Iron-on or Sew on to your denim or leather vest or Kutte or jacket. The biggest patch is the Harley Davidson Back Patch the official official BAR & SHIELD logo since 1910 is sized at 12×10 inch small BAR & SHIELD + 4” Bar + WINGS Harley Davidson Motorcycle 4 NEW Harley Davidson classic Orange measurements are approximate so please see exact measurements in pics They are Iron on Or Sew On. All patches are in the traditional Harley Davidson Orange, the Large BACK PATCH BAR & SHIELD is 12×10” 4X3!small BAR & SHIELD 4” Bar wing

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