Fabric Iron On Patches

Personalized your clothing and accessories with these funky fabric iron on patches


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Fabric Iron On Patches:

Stand out from the crowd with our funky alphabet and symbol iron on patches. Alphabet patches are 6.5cm tall and symbols vary in size.

They come in 4 fun colors with a gold glitter background.

Patches will need to be ironed on in order to activate their adhesive backing.

Directions: Place patch on clothing/backpack/cosmetic purse etc with embroidered side up. Place tea towel or baking paper over patch for protection. Using iron with steam function turned off, iron over patch on high in 30 second bursts. Press iron with firm pressure over patch, repeat until patch cannot be removed.  Iron the underside of product if possible where patch has been placed for a quick 10 second burst. Enjoy your new customized product.

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