Embroidered Lion Patches

If you want cool and trendy patches, then choose from our range of elbow lion patches. These are available in leather black and brown for a classic look. They can be added to the desired jacket or coat in a number of ways. For a fast attachment that can be taken on and off, then choose from our Velcro elbow patches.


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We have wholesale lion patches for many different purposes. For backpacks, choose our range of Velcro patches for backpacks. Browse from our diverse range of patterns and graphics, all of which come with Velcro on the back and another layer of Velcro to stick on the backpack. These Velcro lion patches come with easy-to-use instructions in multiple languages. Our name lion patches are also ideal for backpacks. Stick them on the upper inside of the bag for a great place to put your name in case you lose the bag.

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