Elbow Patch Blazer

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Elbow Patch Blazer

Kids will be kids, and some… well… they make holes in their pants, sweaters and hoodies faster than you can blink.
And aren’t men just big kids? Just a tad more fashionable

For basic repairs or to make your jacket or sweater more suave, this set is perfect. Six sets of high quality iron-on patches: black, brown, khaki, blue, grey and green.

12 patches in all for only CA$ 34.50, that’s less than $3 per patch! A must-have for all parents with rambunctious rascals, or an affordable way to be stylish without breaking the bank.

About Muddy Mouse
Muddy Mouse’s patches are fun to see, and actually large enough to cover a hole or gash in clothes. Frustrated because your kids are able to ruin new pants and clothes in weeks? So was shop owner Manon van Wamel; it made her design these fun patches. Now you can fix those clothes in an easy, affordable, and cool way. Or you can just put them on because they are just plain awesome.

These patches will let any garment last longer (thus saving you money) while making those pants, that skirt or hoodie more fun for your child at the same time. And by not replacing those pants time and time again, you also help cut back on our planet’s massive pile of waste.

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