Detective Patches

  • MATERIALS: Polyester embroidery thread, synthetic gabardine fabric, adhesive surface.
  • ATTACHMENT: 1) Place the patch onto the clothes. 2) Cover the patch with a sheet of foil. 3) Place an iron on top of the foil, aplly medium pressure with your arm. The iron should be set to the temperature of 300F/150C (between two and three dots). IMPORTANT! Iron the item from the back side as well. 4) Leave untouched for 24 hours. No washing for 48 hours. IMPORTANT! Don’t attach the patch this way to clothes and shoes made of leather and similar materials. Use a thread and a needle instead.


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Product features:

– Embroidered patch is made of high quality materials

– Patches for Women Man are fully embroidered

– Embroidered patches easily iron and sews on to most fabrics and materials

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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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