Denim Iron On Patches

Jeans iron-on patches of oval shape, made ​​of quality cotton. The adhesive layer is made of polyethylene. These practical patches can be used to cover holes on jackets, jeans, pants, overalls, work clothes, etc.


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Denim Iron On Patches:

Iron-on Prim denim patches are suitable for mending and patching holes in a variety of products from jeans through to jackets- perfect for your elbows and knees! We sell denim iron on patches in different color’s, to suit the material.

Additional Information:
– Size: 10 x 14cm
– Oval or rectangular patches
– For jeans and cord to iron on
– Overall adhesive coating
– In various sizes
– Washable up to 40 degrees

The oval or rectangular patches to iron and sew on in denim and the oval cord patches are ideal to hide worn places on knees or elbows. However, they are also used as fashionable motifs on light-weight to medium-weight jeans and cord fabrics and also serve to protect clothes from premature wear. Their overall adhesive coating gives the patches a particularly firm hold on the fabric. They are available in sizes 10 x 14 cm as an oval or a rectangle with rounded corners, two to a packet and in different color’s. The patches can be washed up to 40 degrees.

Please make sure you read the instructions before ironing the patches on. Each pack contains 2 iron-on patches.


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