Custom Velcro Patches

Size: One Size
Brand: Non
Style: Compact
Theme: Flag,Gear,Star,Stripe


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Are you looking for a way to easy way to apply patches to your backpacks, clothing, or any other fabric items? The easiest way to apply patches is using velcro patches. Velcro patches make it easy to remove and reapply your patches at any time. Here at Vivipins, we make custom velcro patches with vast customization options and a high level of detail. We offer an easy-to-order system and fast shipping that will make your ordering process smooth and easy. Order now to start bringing your ideas to reality.

Custom velcro patches are a great way to customize any fabric items you have. Forget about dealing with sewing or gluing your patch. Velcro matches make them easy to reapply and apply your patches. Velcro patches are great for customizing items that would otherwise be difficult to add patches to.

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