Best Stitch For Patches

Best Stitch For Patches Stitch Patches iron on patches Stitch iron on patch patches for Jackets embroidery patch Patch for backpack


Stitch 2.25″ X 2″ (High X Wide)

Angle 2″ X 2.5″ (High X Wide)


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Best Stitch For Patches


Stitch 2.25″ X 2″ (High X Wide)

Angle 2″ X 2.5″ (High X Wide)

1. Keep the back clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to suit the clothes according to the use of the iron.

2. Put the cloth in the appropriate position (do not tear off the glue) and press it back and forth for a few times, usually about 10 seconds.

3. To prevent burns, cover the patch with a thin layer of cotton (it must be cotton, not faded cloth).After the perm check the edge to see if it is good, perm the edge more.

4 even root decal thickness to determine the temperature, a little thicker, must be higher temperature, hot time longer. For especially thick cloth stick, can be ironed a few more on the back.

5. Special note: for sequins or patches with a bright surface (since sequins are made of plastic) be sure to cover with a cloth and iron at a low temperature (below 130 ° c), or steam directly. Or cover it with a damp cloth. Lest the temperature be too high and the plastic melt.

6. After ironing, sew a few stitches on the edge of the cloth patch with needle and thread to make it more firm and comfortable.

7. If you don’t have an iron at home, you can also use the same color thread to sew the cloth on your clothes.

8. Take it to the sewing shop for professional operation to avoid ironing the clothes.

Patches with Iron Backing

10 Patches with Iron Backing, 100 Patches with Iron Backing, 200 Patches with Iron Backing, 25 Patches with Iron Backing, 50 Patches with Iron Backing

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