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Army Unit Patch 39Th Infantry Brigade

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Army Unit Patch 39Th Infantry Brigade

Patch Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 inch
Material Spec: viscose thread
Backing Type: Iron On Backing
Border Type: hotcut Border
Stitch Count: 11400 +

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The design of the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, or unit patch, reflects the unit’s heritage and lineage in the Arkansas National Guard (it's nicknamed "Arkansas Brgade"). An arced rectangle with a blue border and a red field containing a blue lozenge mounting a white (silver) knife, the design was approved for wear on 24 September 1968, a year after the unit had been redesignated as a Brigade after twenty-plus years as a Division.

In the middle of the insignia is a Bowie knife, a clear reference to Arkansas (the Bowie state), but also to intense close-in combat and an indicator of the Brigade’s aggressive spirit when engaging the enemy. The blue lozenge is diamond-shaped, which is a reference to the Arkansas diamond field—the only one in the United States. Blue is the color of Infantry and also of loyalty and faithfulness.

Note there are two subdued versions of the 39th Infantry Division; double-check your choice to make sure you have selected the camouflage style of your Army Combat Unifor (OCP or UCP).

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