Utilizing reuse jean patches to make unique patches.


weaving machine

sets of old pants

weaving string

entertaining platitudes or plans

Stage 1: Setting Up Weaving Circle

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I have a sibling SE – 400. It is great for little undertakings.


1. Cut the jean patches into the size you need and a tear away sheet.

2. Put the tear away sheet on the base piece of the band. Then the jean patches.

3. Last the top piece of the circle.

4. Adjust loop properly with the texture and tear away sheet. Texture ought to be insult in the loop.

5. Change by fixing circle

6. Lift footer and slide circle under needle.

7. Snap into machine.

8. Circle and material are fit to be weaved.

Stage 2: Programing Machine

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In this step the photos show how I programed the plan on my fix. my machine is more modest and can do specific sizes. Every weaving machine has various strides on the most proficient method to get done with this responsibility.


1. programed first word.

2. Changed

3. Format

4. climb. down. left or right relying upon your plan.

5. shows the position I like

6. programed and prepared. simply press start button.

7-12. doing likewise ventures as 1-6 for each word on my fix.

13. other stich plans I could use as a guest around fix.

Stage 3: Picking String

1. Utilizing weaving string from Siblings Organization the plan prospects are interminable.

2. Greenish blue

3. Dim

Stage 4: Weaving the Fix Plan

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Pictures 1-11 show the machine finishing the program plans I had shown you in sync 3.

Stage 5: Eliminating Weaving Loop

When machine stops. Unfasten loop from the machine and snap the band open and take out fix.


1. Back of fix with tear away.

2. Rip easing off.

3. Back of Fix after tear away sheet has been taken out.

Stage 6: Completed Patches

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Slice patches to your ideal size. They are fit to be sewn on to different things.