Iron-on name patches, otherwise called iron-on marks or iron-on moves, are a kind of cement patch that can be applied to texture utilizing heat from an iron. They are commonly used to personalize dress, sacks, and different things with a name or other text. To apply an iron-on name patch, the patch is put on the ideal region of the texture, a clammy material is put on top of it, and an iron is utilized to compress the patch onto the texture for a specific measure of time. A few iron-on name patches accompany an exceptional paper or film on top which should eliminated after iron. Care ought to be taken as certain textures and materials may not be reasonable for iron-on name patches, check the manual or texture care name prior to applying it.

If it’s not too much trouble, peruse our collection of Iron-on name patches and name sew on patches. The weaving of each name applique is made to an exceptionally excellent. You can utilize the sew and iron on patches for pants, shirts, jumpers, coats, dresses, packs and any thing made of fabric.

Make and discount personalized custom Iron-on name patches and identifications, as embroidered, woven, chenille, PVC, calfskin, metal patches, with brand logos or occupation names. What’s more, you can alter occupation names like cops, cooks, fire fighters, and sales reps. Basic and all around planned name patches can support brand mindfulness. In this way, many brands will come here to modify a wide range of modest or lavish very good quality patch types.

Our custom Iron-on name patches are great for any brand. Like dress, caps, shoes, sacks, and so on. Request custom name patches for clothing, letterman coat, shirts, coats, workwear, garbs, knapsacks, active apparel, swimwear, ID cards, and biker. Any tone, size, or shape is accessible.

Subtleties of custom name patches

Foundation Texture: cotton, felt, twill Texture, material, chenille, polyester, PU, certifiable cowhide, metal, PVC elastic, silicone, TPU, and so on.

Edge handling: overlocked edge, laser cut edge, one-time shaping without cutting, conventional cutting, embroidered edge;

Creates: embellishing, debossing, hot stepped gold/silver, screen printing, weaving, iron-on, woven, sewing, kick the bucket cutting, and so forth;

Backing: 3M cement, hot-dissolve glue, circle and hook(Velcro)fastening, sewing, magnet backing, add self clasping pin or butterfly pin, and so forth;

Shape: round, square, square shape, triangle, unique shape, custom shape;

Size/Variety: according to client’s solicitation;


Embroidered or woven patch: NO MOQ;


Cowhide/PVC patch: 100pcs.

A Name Identification framework in your work environment is an approach to keeping up with security and efficiency. The purposes of representative name identifications in the work environment offer the capacity to distinguish anyone that enters the workspace, and assist the board with monitoring worker unwavering quality. At Realistic Join you can pick the level, variety and style of font, the shape and shade of back ground and the width and shade of the line of your name identification.

We really do sew on or iron on name identifications. You can arrange from 6 to at least 1000 name identifications. We generally email a visual of the weaving record for your endorsement before we continue with production. Your satisfaction is of most extreme need to us.

Item description

Get innovative with these breathtaking iron on name patches.

They are ideally suited for personalizing shirts, packs, cushions or whatever else takes your extravagant! It is truly straightforward, we send you your decision of heart or star with your name or message cut out, you should simply iron it on to your picked thing and bingo, you have made something completey one of a kind for the portion of the cost of instant things,


The themes work best with cotton things but on the other hand are reasonable for felt, denim, hessian, and so on. They could in fact be ironed on to paper and card. We in all actuality do encourage you to wash (without conditioner) any texture which you will press them on to, this will guarantee they stick all around well.

The stars and hearts are around 15cm high, in any case, assuming you have explicit prerequisites we can slice to any measure. There is a decision of six glittery tones or nine plain run tones and the names will be cut in a wonderful cursive font.


Name Patches are the fundamental last little detail for regalia, corporate shirts, and sterile garments. Cruiser gatherings and clubs use name patches to personalize riding gear; brandishing bunches use them to mark packs and hardware.

Stadri’s name patches are specially crafted to your specifications. Customizations accessible include: string, line and foundation tones, as well as shape, size, and font. Custom name patches can be requested with iron-on support, plastic, no sponsorship, snare and circle, or cement.

Nothing can reproduce the exemplary look of an embroidered name patch. With overlocked merrowed borders and colorfast strings intended to endure the most brutal washing processes, Stadri’s name patches are simply incredible!

Engraved or color sublimated name patches forever color the name into the patch, permitting limitless varieties at a better detail than weaving without any strings to shred. After definite endorsement, engraved name patches have a 3-5-work day circle back for quicker satisfaction.