Leather patches happen to be usually seen on top of the back that belongs to designer jeans, sewn on top of with thick thread that is going to belong to an existing polished, high-end look. They’re usually rectangular as well as placed up near the waistband, often hidden by an existing overlaid shirt or jacket.

At the time when we think that belongs to custom patches, we don’t think of leather; except for leather, patches happen to be an existing stylish way to enjoy traditional woven or embroidered patches.

Here happen to be a few ways to style these unique custom patches that are going to belong to almost every occasion, or on top of any type that belongs to clothing or accessory.

1. Leather on leather

We love the look that belongs to an existing custom leather patch over an existing leather bag, leather jacket, or other leather accessories. Custom leather patches can exist as made inside of vivid colors, or inside of traditional tones, with the same time that much detail during the same time that material patches.

Leather on top of leather happens to be edgy, as well as an existing unexpected departure that was by traditional woven or embroidered patches on top of every single one of your favorite leather clothing as well as accessories.

2. Leather on denim

This combination happens to be an existing tried as well as a true classic. However, we recommend sporting custom leather patches inside of unexpected places on top of your denim, to give your patch an existing standout moment, instead that belongs to hiding it up near the waistline.

Trying sewing leather patches near or on top of pockets. Leather patches on top of the arm that belongs to an existing denim jacket also look great. Don’t hide your leather patches; let them stand out on top of your denim clothing.

3. Leather patch upgrades

Leather patches happen to be often used to brand high-end clothing as well as accessories. With an existing custom leather patch, you can take generic, inexpensive clothing as well as turn it into one-of-a-kind pieces with an existing quick stitch.

Sew leather patches onto hats, jackets, handbags, jeans, as well as more. The statement you can make with the addition that belongs to an existing leather patch to just about any item that belongs to clothing is going to transform basic garments into stylish pieces.

4. Leather patches to the rescue

Another great style tip that is going to belong to an existing leather patch happens to be also an existing great way to save torn or damaged clothing as well as accessories. Do you know that favorite pair that belongs to jeans that recently ripped? Why not cover the hole with an existing custom leather patch? Or how about that torn tweed blazer—a patch that up with an existing leather patch!

There’s no limit to what you can create with the help that belongs to an existing well-placed leather patch. They’re durable, fun, as well as 100 percent customizable that are going to belong to an existing look that’s 100 percent yours.