Embroidery digitizing software use

The ans is for sure wilcom embroidery digitizing software. It can excite any embroidery designer .as despite being full of details. This software is easy to learn and handle. It has an easy to use interface. The quality of the program speaks for itself. It is the best. And listed at a great price. It’s also modular. So that you can add as you grow. As a legal wilcom reseller, we say that their product is the best.

If you look for a start point .we‘ll ask you to try the 30-day free trial of wilcom with us@ capital digitizing. Great way to do some research is to go online. And ask what others think about a software brand.

It’ll take you by the hand and show you. How easy it can be to work with wilcom.

We forget that we have to learn:

We all have skills .that we do without thinking about it. We become so known with method .that we no longer need to think about the next step.


For e.g. Ride a bike, drive a car.

Wilcom is no different. Learn the basics until you “own” the knowledge. And you’ll use it so easily .that you’ll forget at one time. That you’d to learn the steps.

A great place to start- shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will save you time when digitizing .and give you a firm knowledge. Many of the keyboard shortcuts in embroidery digitizing software studio are the same as in microsoft.

For eg:-

            • Ctrl c = copy
            • Ctrl v = paste
            • Ctrl d = duplicate
            • Ctrl n = new

Exclusive shortcuts:

There’re over 130 keyboard shortcuts in the software .most of which are exclusive to embroidery digitizing software studio. We convey you to learn a few each day or week. It depends on your time at hand and practice to use them.

Notice when you move mouse over an icon in the software .if there is a shortcut. It’ll display behind the / (f2)

Esc (cancel a command) .and “h” (to reshape) are two you’ll learn easily. As they’re used all the time.

Supported formats

Almost all machine types.

Compatible: mac and windows extra features: lettering art, baseline, layout, reshape, and auto digitize.

best for: home users. For design and edit.

            • Best for both new users and experts
            • A lot of tools at hand
            • Easy to learn
            • Free trial

High cost than other emb softwares

Wilcom’s embroidery studio:

Design library is the heart of wilcom’s flagship embroidery digitizing software product. As it gives access to all your embroidery designs.

Design library is so strong. That a lot of users who install it only for the digitizing get surprised .as it has a design database .that marks all their embroidery digitizing software files. Often finding designs which were thought as lost.


Thus, wilcom is the easiest digitizing software. As it is user friendly. The new type of this software: photo flash, red-work and much more. With wilcom, you get to have over 100 fonts to work with. You can browse both embroidery digitizing software and images files from any folder on your pc .by using the design library. Making it super quick to locate and preview designs.