Embroidered Applique Patches! At Capital Digitizing, we make applique patches. We make both sew-on and iron-on backings. we can make your patch vision come to life. This makes it easy. And we choose from the boldest, fine tread and colors. Whether you want a large patch or a short. We’ll have it made and shipped out to you in fast ways.

The term “appliqué” comes from the French word “applied.” This means appliqué patches are well to apply. They can be applied to a wide variety. It can be from leather to denim to canvas and more. Your custom patches can add a finishing touch to any plan. Whether they’re part of a design or stand-alone.

Sports and Army Embroidered Applique Patches

In past years, our staff has made nearly every type of patch. We cater to sports lovers, ARMY, trades, and more. No matter what do you look for, we can help. We use the best materials. So you can bet your iron-on Embroidered Applique Patches. And they will last for years to come.


We offer embroidery, woven, or dye(photo or printed) patches. And depends on how much detail you’d like. We can help you choose the best way. Why so many people turn to USA patch for patches. Call us to know.

Embroidered Applique Patches Edges

There are options to make your patch. make a badge of some shape you want. It can be a circle, rectangle, oval, or any no of closed shapes. To outline the design along the design’s edge. You can also make a patch with the satin-stitched border. Offset from the design by some gap that you choose. You could also just leave a bit of the base cloth around your design. Hence, you can make a patch that has no border at all.

Contact us for applique patches and pricing. Feel free to send your quires at info@capitaldigitizing.com