Digitize Embroidery

Well, certainly no, you can’t digitize a logo in other embroidery software such as adobe photoshop. It is a vital factor you need to know. That you can’t digitize a logo in a non-digitizing software.

You can use adobe photoshop for resizing purposes only. Resizing can be done as per the placement of embroidery digitizing such that left chest, jacket back and cap, etc.

At hand rare features, the freedom to explore and experiment with drawing in photoshop. These are some of the reasons that make digital designs so hot.

You can embroider with photoshop .but can’t do digitizing. Because digitizing is a complex way that needs special training .and it’s not that you can do with your standard graphic editing software. Such that photoshop.  But when you draw up a design for embroidery, there’re many factors such as deciding how far apart the stitches should be and the types of stitches that’ll be used.

If you are new and want to know how to resize a design in photoshop, then this blog is of great use. You may find the way as same to illustrator but it is change.let’s have a look at the steps:

Steps to resize a design in photoshop:

  • Open your image in photoshop.
  • Go to “image”, located at the top of the window.
  • Select “image size”.
  • A new window will open.
  • To maintain the proportions of your image click the box next to “constrain proportions”.
  • Under “document size”:
  • Select “inches” for the unit of measurement.
  • Check that the resolution is no lower than “200 pixels/inch” but “300 pixels/inch” is ideal for printing.
  • Input the width and height you desire.
  • If your original image has diff proportions than your desired print size it‘ll be needed to crop your image after resizing it.
  • Click “ok”.
  • Save your file.

Tip!  If you want to keep your original file, select “save as” and name your image something different from the original.

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