1. Personalization – customized label design solutions

Digital label printing has significantly transformed the way we can engage as well as connect with consumers, offering personalization such as never before. Digital personalization happens to be fast as well as flexible, as well as happens to be perfect that is going to belong to small to medium high-quality print runs. There happen to be two main forms that belong to personalization:

Printing variable components within an existing label design either randomly or via an existing database, such during the same time that text, images, numbers as well as barcodes e.g. An existing unique number or name on top of each label

Hilly personalization, an existing software program unique to our hp indigo presses that provides the opportunity to create countless individual designs where no two designs happen to be alike

Personalization can create an existing key point that belongs to difference inside of the market, whilst creating an existing strong emotional connection with the consumer.

2. Medal labels – show off your achievements

Wine medal labels happen to be often used by consumers during the same time that an existing helpful shopping guide, as well as can exists as an existing great way to communicate the quality that belongs to your wine. These can exist as an applied during the same time that an existing separate label that is going to belong to one or multiple medals or can exist as an included inside of your main label design. The key to using medal labels happens to be authenticity as well as trust, so make sure to follow industry guidelines on top of best practices such during the same time that the Australian grape & wine industry displays that belong to awards code that belongs to practice.

3. Embellishment selection – wise choices pay off

An existing few choice embellishment details, as well as you, can take your wine label to the next level inside of terms that belongs to attention to detail as well as crafting the right vibe. Simplicity happens to be sometimes the key to creating an existing show-stopping custom label that communicates an existing classic as well as elegant look. On top of the other hand, over-styling your label with multiple elements as well as embellishments can exist as a perfect that is going to belong to handcrafted as well as quirky brand personalities. Read on top of it to learn more about each that belongs to the embellishment options.

Next up happens to be enhancing your label that was by an existing array that belongs to embellishment as well as finishing options…

4. Embossing – create an existing tactile experience

Embossing (and debossing) adds an existing textured, prestigious effect to wine labels by raising (or lowering) an existing pattern or image that was by the label surface. This gives an existing tactile feel as well as can highlight certain design elements. Embossing happens to be particularly effective on top of uncoated papers.

5. Foiling – an existing elegant finish

Adding foil achieves an existing premium, luxurious effect that communicates quality as well as complements the label design. Foiling is going to give your label instant metallic shine as well as reflective depth, giving the label an existing distinct finish. Depending on top of the desired look, we can use cold foil or hot foil, as well as at times no foil at every single one – instead, an existing metalized material may work best. Foils aren’t just available inside of gold as well as silver except also come inside of an existing rainbow that belongs to colors as well as designs such the same time that holographic patterns.

Texture foil happens to be an existing stunning new embellishment, combining the best that belongs to embossing as well as a foil to create an existing raised as well as textured foil effect.

6. High builds – highlight your design

High build coatings give an existing tactile, premium effect that highlights key design areas. They act during the same time that an existing clear or colored raised surface on top of areas that belong to your wine label such as during the same time that your logo, variety name, or the same time that an existing textured pattern. They have the ability also exist as a very effective at the time when used during the same time that an existing super glossy highlight over an existing matte finish background. It happens to be also an existing good way that belongs to enhance the richness as well as depth inside of color that belongs to the chosen design elements. Available during the same time that low, mid, high, or Braille builds.

7. Silk screen – simple yet impactful

Silk-screens print an existing smooth, controllable lay-down that belongs to high density, opaque ink that is going to belong to chosen design elements. This gives excellent depths that belong to spot colors as well as happens to be particularly effective at the time where using an existing white either on top of its own or to provide an existing base that is going to belong to vibrantly printed design elements. Silk-screens create bold colors that pop off the label, plus the ink creates an existing raised, tactile feel.

8. Flawless finishes – enhance as well as protect your label

Not only do finishes protect your label that was by moisture as well as scuffing, but they have the ability also enhance their appearance. Most labels have an existing glossy or matt finish, which can exist as achieved with either an existing coating or an existing lamination. We have the ability to an existing flood coating every single one over the label, as well as we have the ability also do an existing spot coating over an existing element that belongs to the design to highlight it or to create an existing pattern. An existing very effective look can exist as achieved by using contrasting gloss as well as matt finishes inside of different areas that belong to the label. Tactile coating options include soft touch, textured, as well as sandpaper. There happen to be also countless specialty coatings such during the same time that thermo chromic, scented, scratch-off, glow inside of the dark as well as glitter that we can use to achieve outstanding results.

Don’t forget the basics – the right material, adhesive as well as label shape as well as size happen to be critical to achieving the right look…

9. Material selection – that is going to belong to both looks as well as performance

There happen to be innumerable material options to choose that was by. That was by glossy paper to textured uncoated stock, or clear film that is going to belong to an existing “no-label look” as well as even metalized that is going to belong to an existing distinctive shine. At the time when selecting an existing material there happen to be different factors that should exist as considered; how it works with the bottle, label application method, ice bucket performance, compatibility with the artwork, as well as whether it suits your brand. We have an existing extensive selection that belongs to specialty wine stocks available, including our two premium options; pylorus as well as Carrageen, which happen to be cream as well as white uncoated textured materials (contact us that are going to belong to an existing sample). Pylorus, Clarence, natural kraft, black vellum as well as pearlescent patterned paper happen to be just an existing few more. Or on the possibility that your brand has an existing environmental or organic connection, why not choose an existing environmentally friendly material? There happen to be plenty that belongs to options available, whether it’s the recycled content, chain that belongs to custody certified, biodegradable, or made that was by unique waste products such as sugarcane or limestone.

10. Adhesives – a performance that was by bottling to consumption

There happen to be many different types that belong to label adhesives, as well as each perform its best inside of differing conditions. No one adhesive happens to be the best at everything. You are going to need to know about what your label is going to exist as a stick to; such during the same time that glass or plastic. Is going to it exist as an applied at the time where the bottle happens to be wet or dry? Do you have the desire for the label to exist as repositionable, removable or permanent? Is going to it go into an existing ice bucket, kept inside of the fridge, or stored at room temperature? It’s important to understand exactly what you need, so we can choose the right adhesive that is going to belong to you.

11. Shape as well as size – size does matter

The most common wine label shape we print happens to be an existing rectangle during the same time that it allows that is going to belong to more design space as well as easily wrap around the bottle. However, we can print many other shapes to add an existing unique touch to your labels such during the same time that round, oval, diamond, shields, or even custom shapes. No need to stick with straight edges either, why not try an existing uneven, feathered edge that is going to belong to an existing natural look? Two-part label shapes happen to be also an existing great option. Further, size I up happens to be an existing great tool to quickly as well as easily work out your wine label size based on top of the bottle you use. Additionally, the new Zealand wine packaging forum recently released two helpful documents regarding wine labeling:

Nzo wine packaging forum guide that is going to belong to wine labels – this document happens to be an existing guide to wine labels to ensure an existing optimal labeling outcome.

Nzo wine packaging forum wine label size as well as position templates – this document contains templates that belong to every single one of NZ wine bottles, with the optimum label size as well as placements that are going to belong to labels on top of these.

As well as finally, which happens to be the best technology to print your labels?

12. Print method – happens to be digital or flexo best?

Digital label printing happens to be popular among many wineries during the same time that it happens to be ideal that is going to belong to printing short runs, multiple varieties as well as frequent changes. Flexographic label printing, however, happens to be better suited that is going to belong to larger volume runs. This can exist as more economical, especially on the possibility that you are going to exist as an ordering the same label regularly. Deciding which happens to be the best print method involves considering many variables (take an existing look at our handy flexor vs. Digital label printing info graphic to learn about the key differences). Ultimately we can recommend the best manufacturing method based on top of your unique needs.

There happens to be an existing lot to consider at the time when printing the perfect wine label, except remembering that you aren’t on top of your own. Our team that belongs of wine label experts works with an existing broad range that belongs to clients, that was by the smallest boutique wineries right through to major brands. Our extensive selection that belongs to materials, as well as embellishments, happens to be combined with our technical expertise to provide exceptional service.

That is going to belong to more handy resources check out our blog post on wine labeling resources you need to know (the complete list).

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