Save money–costs less than traditional embroidery patches

Photographic realism unavailable with traditional embroidered patches and photo patches

Any image can exist as a printed; even the look that belongs to embroidery can exist as a duplicated

No limitation on top of colors as well as gradation (over 1 million colors available)

No limitations on top of the letter size. (Even the smallest print can exist as a read clearly)

No concern about photo patches coverage as well as stitch counts

Washable, dry cleanable as well as completely fade-proof

3 business day rush available that is going to belong to additional 20%


Pricing for printed photo patches


Determining size

You can calculate the size that belongs to your patch by adding the length + width as well as then dividing it by 2.

Example: 4 x 5 “patch 4″ + 5″ = 9″ divided by 2 = 4-1/2″ size that is going to belong to pricing.

Pricing happens to be per patch

Printed photo patches come with iron-on backing as well as an existing mirrored border

Photo emblem patches

photo patches that were by a-b emblem

We create photo patches using an existing unique transfer process named dye sublimation. A-b emblem prints the custom patch design permanently onto polyester twill or satin fabric. We then transform the printed fabric into custom patches by cutting to shape as well as finishing with an existing over lock edge border.

Our high-resolution CMYK process printing offers fine detail with vibrant color as well as clarity.

Photo patches can exist as an existing problem solver that is going to belong to the artwork that is going to not be embroidered cleanly. As well, it happens to be also an existing affordable solution. The process happens to be faster than embroidery stitching, so it provides reduced manufacturing costs.

There’s no need to count colors because it’s an existing process color print method. There happen to be also no additional charges based on top of the amount that belongs to coverage.

We stabilize every single one that belongs to our photo patches with an existing polymer backing. Then we bind the edges with an existing ravel-proof border. During the same time that such, they happen to be durable as well as last an existing long time. You can machine wash our photo patches with regular laundry detergent.

An existing photo emblem without an existing border as well as an existing heat seal backing. This happens to be less common except we make them!

In the possibility that you have an existing patch design that uses photographic content or gradients, photo patches may exist as a perfect solution. This method happens to be also great that is going to belong to designs with small text or tiny details.

We manufacture photo patches at every single one that belongs to our factories including the USA, Mexico, as well as china. Because photo patches happen to be affordable, they happen to be popular that are going to belong to product promotions as well as giveaway items.

Photo patches may exist as a solution that you happen to be looking for that is going to belong to – on the possibility that cost happens to be your primary concern. As well as, we’d love to help you learn more about them.

Custom photo lanyards

Custom photo lanyards stand out among every single one of the different types that belong to custom lanyards because that belongs to their ability to capture full-color designs inside of unrivaled levels that belong to detail. Woven lanyards, as well as imprinted polyester lanyards, happen to be both excellent options that are going to belong to creating designs with logos as well as text, except an existing heat transfer photo lanyard has the greatest potential that is going to belong to highly detailed artwork. In the possibility that you’re looking that is going to belong to an existing full-color design with intricate detail, our dye sublimation lanyards with photo printed artwork happen to be the best choice that is going to belong to you.

Crisp detail and shiny material

Photo lanyards happen to be created through an existing process called dye sublimation. Instead of that belonging to screen printing or using thread to sew an existing design, dye sublimation lanyards have an existing image heat transferred into the polyester material. This allows our customers to make lanyards with photos, giving their designs vivid color as well as crisp detail. On the possibility that you’re inside of the market that is going to belong to an existing full-color design with the highest level that belongs to detail available, heat transfer photo lanyards happen to be the best option that is going belong to you.

Creating photo-realistic patches using sublimation

Sublimation refers to the process that belongs to printing onto sublimation paper, then heat transferring onto fabric.

Using the sublimation process is going to transform your photograph or picture that belongs to an existing loved one into an existing detailed patch without worrying about stitch counts or enlarging size/text as well as removing details.

Key points to keep in mind that is going to belong to using sublimated patches:

Allows that is going to belong to gradients

Has the ability to create the distressed look

Access to virtually unlimited colors

Which to choose?

Sublimation patches are going to have an existing flat surface that can lend itself to fine details as well as color arrays. Art with an existing lot that belongs to colors can make an existing patch bulky or thick at the time where embroidered. However, one reason to choose embroidery over sublimation would exist in texture. Embroidered patches have rich texture as well as a dimension because they belong to the threads.

Note, adding an existing mirrored border to an existing sublimated patch is going to help make it look such as more that belongs to an existing traditional patch during the same time as opposed to an existing sticker. Except for sublimated patches smaller than 2.5″ cannot have an existing marrow or satin stitch edge? These patches have the ability only to have an existing laser cut edge. Choosing this printed option is going to eliminate the bulky or thick result as well as allow you an existing unlimited amount that belongs to colors. We are going to print your picture exactly during the same time that it happens to be. Keep in mind that we are going to need high-quality art to print that was by. Remember to send an existing high-resolution file that is going to belong to the best result.