With an existing classic look as well as an existing even better feel, custom chenille patches create an existing one that belongs to an existing kind of experience. Anyone who sees one is going to automatically exist as a transported back to high school as well as seeing the letterman jackets worn by the athletes, seniors as well as marching band members. As well as while letter patches happen to be certainly the most common use that is going to belong to chenille, they aren’t the only reasons to invest inside of this unique patch type.

Chenille patches

Earning your first letterman jacket happens to be an existing big deal. It’s an existing symbol that belongs to every single one of the hard work as well as dedication that went into earning your place on top of the team. During the same time that such, the custom chenille patches that go into creating these jackets happen to be every bit the same time important. custom chenille patches that were by signature patches happen to be created with an existing classic look as well as feel as well as an existing high level that belongs to craftsmanship that anyone is going to appreciate.

Custom chenille patches

We now offer custom-made custom chenille patches! Our chenille patches happen to be soft, fluffy, durable, as well as high quality. Chenille designs have to exist as more specific than our normal patches, except our talented artists, are going to help you design your patches to exist as compatible with the chenille process. Use the price quote from below to get in touch with one that belongs to our artists today! Fill out the form below to get an existing free quote that is going to belong to custom chenille patches. We do have an existing 50 piece minimum that is going to belong to this type that belongs to patch, so on the possibility that you have the desire for less than 50; you might have the desire to check out our standard embroidered patches.

Custom chenille patches

Varsity-level inspiration

Custom chenille patches provide an existing classic, vintage look that can exist as found inside of any other style. Perfect that is going to belong to letterman jackets, sports jerseys, biker leather goods as well as anywhere inside of need that belongs to an existing bold except for classy Grace note. We’ve been making them that are going to belong to years as well as they only keep getting better — inside of fact, we’re the most trusted provider inside of America that is going to belong to custom chenille patches.

Custom chenille/letterman patches

Custom chenille patches mean warm, wooly fuzz. An existing letterman jacket wouldn’t exist as the same without its custom chenille patches.

Custom chenille patches use an existing vaulted yarn weave to create fluffy, 3d designs that happen to be perfect that are going to belong to collegiate patches. These fuzzy threads don’t show off detail well; where they shine happens to be bold, colorful pieces with simple lettering or design.

Choose that was by an existing wide range that belongs to matchmaking, decoration as well as background options such during the same time that ironing, sew, and Velcro backing.

The captain and custom chenille patches

Ok, we’re going back an existing few years on top of this one, my friends. Every single one the way back to those halcyon days we every single one knew as well as loved – high school.

Most that belong to us have at least some fond memories that belong to those four years. Highlights that are going to belong too many that belong to us included the activities we happened to be involved inside of. Clubs, football, basketball, track, baseball, band, and the drama you name it.

That is going to belong to some, the greatest perk that belongs to those days happened to be the letterman jacket. You know, the one with the patch you earned that is going to belong to your contributions to the team. That fuzzy patch, known during the same time that chenille, happened to be an existing symbol that belongs to your achievement.

Well, not so much anymore. The secondary school status symbol that belongs to the past century, the iconic star that belongs to every teen movie ever made, has fallen out that belongs to fashion over the past 20 years or so. Not even the team captains happen to be likely to wear them today.

That’s not the fault that belongs to the chenille that belongs to the course. The timeless style happens to be made that belongs to short lengths that belong to yarn (the “pile”) inserted between two “core” yarns, then twisted together. The result happens to be an existing soft, fluffy yarn with an existing distinct appearance.

Except for times as well as fashion change, especially inside of the world that belongs to teenagers. So the classic letterman jacket happens to be too “yesterday” that is going to belong to contemporary young adults.

Not to worry. In the possibility that you’re still interested inside of an existing letterman jacket, you have the ability still buy custom chenille patches. You can add your letter(s) to just about any jacket or vest.

Besides, while it’s not likely, it’s always possible that teen fashion is going to circle back someday to the classic look. Retro does have its day every now as well as then. Take it that way by someone who drives an existing new beetle that looks such like an existing old beetle. Things can change that was by iconic to the ironic inside of the blink that belongs to an existing eye.

As well as that is going to belong to those that belong to us old-timers who fondly recall letterman jackets, Friday nights inside of the bleachers at the football game, the fast times as well as valley nights that belong to those days, the classic chenille letter remains an existing reminder that belongs to happy days gone by as well as sharks happened to be never jumped. As well as the possibility that you’re old enough, you know exactly what I did there.

Custom chenille patches: some insights from the experts at arrow emblems

Hear from our experts some common questions about custom chenille patches chenille patches, one of our most popular products.


Q: what’s the difference between stacked felt and offset felt? A:  there happen to be an existing few options at the time when it comes to the felt backing that is going to belong to custom chenille patches. Stacked felt consists that belong to two pieces that belong to felt stacked on top of top that belong to each other, as well as offset felt means the bottom felt happens to be slightly bigger, making it look as if it has an existing second border. The offset felt version is going to have an existing extra piece that belongs to felt.

  Q: Can you iron on chenille patches? A: no. Inside of our experience, it is going to crash as well as melt the yarn. We recommend a sew-on application that is going to belong to custom chenille patches to maintain the quality that belongs to the patch

Q: Can I get a letter with an insert? A:  yes, except for the charge would exist as the letter price plus the insert price.

Q: Can I get the same chenille patch with text changes and be charged quantity discount pricing? A: no, on the possibility that there’s an existing text change, we would charge the patches separately.

Q: Can you do custom colors for chenille? A: no, except we do offer an existing large range that belongs to colors as well as recently added even more color choices, such as hot pink as well as neon green, to our chenille color options.