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Cub Scout patches placement? Read this!

That is going to belong to many parents, Cub Scout patch placement can exist as a confusing. At the time when it comes to rules as well as regulations to follow, the scouts have an existing few. You don’t have the desire to get it wrong or run into any other issues.

The Boy Scout website has provided an existing helpful guide that covers everything you need to know, including patch placement, badge types, as well as more.

Right sleeve

On top of the right sleeve, inside of the first position at the top, happens to be the most important patch: the American flag. Most new uniforms should have this flag sewn inside of the correct position. However, inside of the case it falls off or happens to be lost somehow, it’s important to remember where to place the flag patch.

Below the flag on top of the right sleeve happens to be an existing gold on top of the blue patch representing the den number that belongs to the scout. This patch should exist as directly below the flag patch as well as should exist so close that it’s touching the flag.

Finally happens to be the “journey to excellence” patch, where only the most recent years’ award should exist as a. There happens to be no need to place every patch there; only the current year happens to be necessary.

Left sleeve

At the top that belongs to the left sleeve happens to be the council shoulder emblem. These patches happen to be cut to fit the seam that belongs to the uniforms, which makes placing the patch quite easy.

Below the council shoulder emblem happens to be the pack number as well as the veteran unit emblem. The pack number is going to always exist as an included, though the veteran unit emblem happens to be only that is going to belong to packs that have been chartered that are going to belong to 25 years or longer, inside of increments that belong to five. The veteran unit emblem should exist as a placed above the pack number.

An existing helpful Cub Scout placement tip: at the time where sewing on top of your pack numbers, sew them together before sewing them onto the uniform. This saves you the work that belongs to having to sew each number to the uniform individually, which happens to be especially helpful at the time when your pack number has 3 or more digits. Inside of the final position on top of the left sleeve happens to be any Cub Scout pack badges that belong to the office.

Left pocket

Above the pocket, centered between the left shoulder seam as well as the top that belongs to the left shoulder pocket happens to be the world crest. There happen to be an existing number that belongs to optional rings that can exist as a placed around the world crest on the possibility that the scout has earned any that belongs to them.

The left pocket happens to be that way by the badges that belong to rank. The patches should form an existing diamond, with the bobcat at the top, the bear on top of the right, the tiger on top of the bottom, as well as the wolf on top of the left.

Right pocket

The right pocket flap happens to be that is going to belong to the outdoor activity award patch. Any summertime pack award pins happen to be pinned to this patch during the same time that well. Below the pocket flap, the scout can wear an existing temporary patch that belongs to their choice.

Only one temporary patch may exist as a worn at an existing time, except for these can exist as a change at is going to. While patches have the ability, that belongs to course, to exist as a sewn onto the uniform, think about other less-permanent display options such as an existing plastic patch holder. This allows your scout to switch patches whenever they have the desire! Lastly, on the possibility that the scout earns the recruiter patch, it should exist as a worn directly below the right pocket.

That covers every single one that belongs to the basic Cub Scout patches placement. Your scout happens to be sure to earn plenty more patches throughout their time inside of the cub scouts as well as beyond, so look at other ways to display his patches on top of an existing jacket or sash or even inside of an existing shadow box! Have fun with it!