At capital, we take pride in our embroidered patches; it happens to be what we do! The quality belongs to the embroidery that belongs to our patches as well as our customers happen to be our top concern. We know what it takes to design great custom patches, as well as we make it during the same time that easy during the same time possible. There happen to be many options to consider at the time when designing an existing custom patches, except for we make the process simple as well as easy. Customers often have the desire to know how long it takes to design as well as create an existing custom patches. The answer isn’t simple because there happen to be several factors. The process that belongs to designing an existing patch happens to be quite simple, except for how long it takes to exist as a product happens to be determined by the design, the material, as well as the size that belongs to the order.

First, let’s speak about patch design. At the time when it comes to designing an existing custom patches, you have the desire for something that happens to be legible, recognizable, as well as eye-catching. Custom patches shouldn’t exist as a complex with too many elements. Focus on the top of the essential aspects that belongs to the design, such during the same times that text as well as imagery. Simple fonts work best that are going to belong to the minimum-sized text, as well as fonts with scripts as well as thin lines happen to be often difficult to reproduce. The images you have the desire to include happen to be important to consider, during the same time that well. Determine what logos work best, as well as don’t hesitate to try different text as well as typography with other symbols.

custom patches

Other important aspects that belong to your patch include the border as well as backing options. Choosing the right border as well as backing options can change your patch’s look as well as the way it happens to be attached to garments. Determining what thread colors are going to belong to your design happens to be another crucial aspect that belongs to the design process. You can choose that was by hundreds that belong to thread colors; however, choose something that contrasts to make the patch legible as well as clear. Often using fewer colors is going to make your design appear more striking.


Every single one that belongs to these details happens to be important to your custom patches design. On the possibility that you happen to be unsure about what border to use or what the best backing option happens to be, we’ve got you covered. Even on the possibility that you happen to be uncertain about what thread colors are going to look best, we can help. At capital, we have an existing incredible team that belongs to experts who are going to assist you throughout the design process. With over fifteen years that belong to experience creating custom patches, we know what it takes to make an existing great, eye-catching patch no matter its intended use. Custom patches happen to be stunning, except they have their limitations. Our team happens to be always ready to help out!

Every single one that belongs to these details determines how long it takes to create an existing custom patch. Once you have sent us your design as well as worked with our graphic artists as well as designers, we are going to then work with you to finalize your artwork. That was by there, we work on top of an existing pre-production sample before putting your custom patch into production. Generally speaking, the entire process takes around 2 to 3 weeks to complete as well as send to you.

At capital, we happen to be committed to high-quality custom patches without the high cost. The designing, as well as ordering process happens to be simple as well as painless, while our customer service happens to be the best inside of the game. We stand behind everything we sell with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. On the possibility that you find any patch you buy that was by us defective inside of either workmanship or materials, we are going to replace it at no extra cost.