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 Embroidery Studio Hand Stitch Effect


Embroidery Studio provides many stitch types and effects for creating natural, ‘organic’ stitching styles.  Here we transform a machine-embroidery design into a natural hand-embroidered look for a cushion, upholstered chair, or other application.  For hand-stitching, embroiderers tend to use ‘long & short’ satin stitching or contoured runs to fill large areas. Taking the pink satin petals of the embroidered flower, apply Offset Fill.  Curved outlines exactly follow the contours of the shape.  Turn off variable stitch length and use a longer length to create a hand-stitched look.  Next, apply Contour fill to petal tips and stems.  Contour is a curved stitch type that can be applied to fills and outlines. Stitching creates a light and shade effect.  Use to create a sense of movement.

Next, we open up the remaining satin stitching with increased auto spacing.  Turn off the underlay.  Smaller and narrower objects need more spacing if you use higher stitch counts.  Auto splits are not required.  Now open up outlines with larger-than-normal run stitch length.  Turn off the variable run length.  Open stitching can create a more naturalistic look. Hand Stitch can enhance it the effect can be applied to the satin, tatami, run, backstitch, and other stitch types.  Use settings to combine randomized stitch length, angle, and count. 

Be careful when using higher stitch roughness lengths.  Since we have turned off satin auto splits, this can create jumps.  For a more hand-stitch look, use a higher stitch-mass count.  Use Variant to try out variations of your preferred settings.  Here is an interesting technique for creating quilted backgrounds.  First, duplicate outlines and convert them to a filled tatami object or ‘silhouette’.  Place at the start of the stitching sequence.  Next, create a background four times the size of the design extremities (180 x 180).  Change background color and place at the start of the stitch sequence.  Using the Wreath tool, take the entire design and duplicate it.

With Mirror Merge tools, color blocks are automatically sequenced to minimize color changes.  Selecting all four ‘silhouettes’, use them as cutters with the Remove Overlaps function.  They can then be deleted.  Finally, apply Maze Fill to create a quilted background effect.  Maze Fill is perfectly suited as it can fill large areas with double-spiral stitching that never crosses itself.  And there it is … a naturalistic quilted design for a cushion, upholstered chair, or other application.

Natural Hand embroidery neck design

Natural Hand embroidery neck design titled styles is popular, however troublesome to provide by digital embroiders. The newest Embroidery Studio e4.5 feature is named “Hand sew result.” Apply this newest result to your favorite stitch types, and you’ll have a natural look for your Hand embroidery neck designs. that’s extremely wanted after. The effect is applied to satin, tatami, run, and backstitch. You’ll also break apart different fills, like Maze Fill, and apply the Hand sew Effect to the ensuing run stitches. By adjusting the Hand sew settings, stitch length, and angles, still because of the stitch mass or density, will add unimaginable natural texture to your hand embroidery neck designs.

Hand sew result tool

Bear in mind to use the Hand sew result tool together with Embroidery Studio’s several alternative stitch sorts to form a very organic design. A necessary facet of making a hand-look design is to create a way of movement. For that, we would like to create random long and short material stitches, still as contoured runs to fill massive open shapes. Additionally significantly are the stitch properties. Decrease the density of satin stitches and open up the stitches with enlarged automobile spacing. Take away underlay. Similarly, open up the outlines with a larger-than-normal run sew length. Finally, confirm to feature stitch mass for that real Hand embroidery neck design look.