Specially Woven Fixes No Base

We custom high-thickness woven patches no minimum, which can plainly communicate the subtleties of your logo. Somewhat, the definition is nearer to the printing impact. In addition, not simply HD subtleties, our woven patches no minimum can pick any tone, edge and support choices. So it can impeccably repeat your customized plan. Moreover, we have proficient administrations, giving top caliber, low cost, and low least amount orders. So it can address the issues of huge and private ventures.

The woven fix, like woven names, is woven from extremely fine yarn, it has a delicate level inclination. In the event that you really want a three-layered logo, you can pick our top of the line weaving patches.

Dive more deeply into woven patches no minimum

Our woven patches no minimum are strong and can communicate minuscule detail (your logo can be little and complex, and the littlest letter can be woven at a level of 1.5mm), and can guarantee clear logos, exact and stable tones. Where you can see the patches? It very well may be sew (or iron on or Velcro clasps) on your caps, scarf, rucksack, clothing, pants, shoes, and so forth. We trust our quality can dazzle you profoundly.

The woven patches no minimum image is a mix of woven string and edge, then, at that point, we have many yarn and edge medicines to all the more likely customize your design thoughts.

Yarn tone

What tone could I at any point utilize? You can pick any tone, including sparkly gold and silver, or match the specific tone as indicated by the Pantone card.



Weaved edging (more extensive boundary), woven edging (smaller line), managing (no boundary), and so on.

Different edge adornments give various styles to your customized woven patches no minimum.


Fabric backing: Material is added to the back to cover the sewing string. For sewing.

Pressing sponsorship: Add hot-soften stick posterior to press onto items, reasonable for caps, coats, rucksacks, and so on.

Velcro backing: Add Velcro, the fix can be effortlessly eliminated and yet again fixed.

Cement: brief use (not regularly utilized)

Best woven patches producer

As a woven patches no minimum producer and provider, we can reliably fabricate items that meet your prerequisites. Likewise we exceptionally woven patches for worldwide brands, including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and so on.

In the event that you are making a logo for woven fix, if it’s not too much trouble, get in touch with us through email or WhatsApp. We have rich experience, so we can assist you with proficient guidance and plans.

In the event that you are a little organization, or a School, you can likewise pick us, since we MOQ is little.

In the event that you are a clothing brand, we will offer best cost. Also, our cost is exceptionally monetary particularly bigger amount

Your fulfillment is vital, on the off chance that you have any inquiries or disappointment, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us, we have a decent pre-deals and after-deals administration. Likewise we are dependably prepared to help. (In the event that there is an issue with the material or strategy, we can duplicate the items or discount the cash.)


Redo as indicated by your plan, actual example or picture

Size/shape/variety: as per your necessities

Yarn: common woven string (we have many tones)

Edge: woven edging (smaller boundary), weaved edging (more extensive line), managing (no boundary), and so forth.

Back: hot dissolve glue, Velcro (snare surface, fiber surface), and so forth.

(Find out about Woven versus Weaved Fixes, and pick the most appropriate texture fix for you.)

(Utilizing harmless to the ecosystem materials)

(Note: Be exceptionally cautious while utilizing on polyester textures. The high temperatures expected for pressing on the fix might consume the texture (silk and other sensitive textures are not appropriate for fixing))