Custom high-detail woven patches for your top of the line caps to add an extraordinary and sensitive appearance.

You can utilize different woven procedures to make excellent woven patches for hats. Our woven gear can woven any tone and edge. High effectiveness and high detail make your cap business sticking out.

Look further into woven caps patches

Our woven patches has high-thickness subtleties, which is nearer to the printing impact.

In the event that you want a three-layered logo, you can likewise pick our very good quality weaving patches.

Find out about Woven versus Weaved Fixes, and pick the most reasonable texture fix for you.

Woven Patches Photograph Display

Assortment edges

weaved edging (more extensive boundary), woven edging (smaller line), managing (no boundary), and so on.


Various yarn tones

Pick an assortment of yarn tones to customize your woven fix, you can pick in excess of 8 tones simultaneously. You can likewise pick remarkable gold yarn, silver yarn, and so on.


•             Material sponsorship: Fabric is added to the back to cover the sewing string. Utilized for sewing.

•             Pressing support: Add hot-dissolve stick rear, it very well may be straightforwardly connected onto your apparel with an iron, reasonable for caps, coats, knapsacks, and so on.

•             Velcro backing: Add Velcro, the fix can be effortlessly eliminated and yet again fixed.

Instructions to begin making your own woven patches for hats

If it’s not too much trouble, get in touch with us through email or WhatsApp, simply send your logo (CDR, PDF, simulated intelligence, ESP, PSD, pictures and other plan documents) or fix thoughts and reference tests.

We give balanced proficient assistance and configuration, affirm and work on the subtleties with you. Make your work of art more awesome. During the time spent affirming the subtleties, you want to pick the yarn tone, edge style and sponsorship. In the event that you are don’t know how to pick the size and different choices, we can give the most expert guidance in view of your logo.

We give woven patches to worldwide brands. Counting the US, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and so forth.

As a woven patches maker and provider, we can reliably fabricate items that meet your necessities. We have thorough pre-deals and after-deals administrations. Assuming you have any inquiries, we will effectively take care of the issue for you.

Other cap patches choices:

We have practically limitless choices to look over to make the ideal cap patches. They will have top notch and low cost.

Utilize these exclusively woven patches to customize your pants, shirts, pullovers, sacks, caps, knapsacks and packs to flaunt your own style and inventiveness. Step by step instructions to utilize ? Apply the woven patches for hats, just preheat the iron and spot the cotton material over the fix to fix it set up. Every specially woven patches for hats identifications is comes in exact size, thin and lightweight. Accessible in various varieties and styles for you to browse.

woven patches for hats

Custom Sewing Patch Laser Cut Fix. Jin Sheu is an expert custom fix producer. We can make a wide range of patches, custom shapes, and sizes. Jin Sheu is an expert in assembling Specially woven patches for hats for more than thirty years, the help we give is the one-stop answer for all your redid woven fixes needs. Jin Sheu is a producer and exporter of exceptionally woven names and fixes. Jin Sheu supplies a wide range of woven names and fixes for your marking in the dress and design businesses, special gifts, or some other industry. We can make woven patches for hats names up to 12 varieties on a solitary mark!