RESTORE, FIX and TWEAK: Patch Stop weaves great many grouped patches for a cool popular method for fixing or cover openings in broken down articles of clothing; Appliques are charming additional items for custom garments, blend and match to make your own style on old pants, baseball hat or rare coat

SIMPLE TO IRON ON: Iron on applique patches are fun, protected to apply and effectively stick on to any iron-safe texture; Made with an intensity enacted tacky sponsorship to connect patches to dress with a family create iron; Children and grown-ups can have a great time involving iron on patches for Do-It-Yourself craftsmanship projects

SEW ON FOREVER: Patch Stop patches are made with weaved laser-cut line that makes it quick and simple to sew on patches; For lifetime wear, we suggest sewing patches for coats, cowhide vests, rucksacks and outerwear; Assuming you favor a Velcro fix for strategic pack or outfit, just sew or iron on Velcro snare and circle sponsorship to the rear of any fix

PREEMINENT FIX QUALITY: Patch Stop iron on and sew on patches are weaved with variety quick, launder able, uv safe string on tough twill; Roused and worn by bikers around the world, our cruiser patches are demonstrated solid and long-enduring; Wear these on your rides and gather on your excursions, our patches keep like new, and won’t blur in the sun


Put yourself out there: Recount a story with various tasteful iron on patches; like a tattoo or a drawing, a fix can be a charming and imaginative method for showing what you have faith in or send a personalized message; Patches are a straightforward, fun and creative and method for showing character and self-expression

This fix highlights white flower iron on patches with leafs and stems in an exquisite and current shape. The white flower iron on patches is weaved white flower iron on patches. Iron on support permits you to effortlessly apply intensity to connect the thing to your texture.

A straightforward and influencing addition to your next Do-It-Yourself project.

Iron-on retouching patches or fix patches are appropriate for fixing openings in attire or for improving fundamental articles of clothing. The patches are ironed onto the garments with an iron. Cotton temperature ought to utilize when iron.

Iron On Retouching Patches white flower iron on patches is a bunch of 3 little patches. The patches measure approx. 2 cm in width and are formed like a flower. The flower is white and the flower theme itself is weaved with white flower iron on patches. The size of the patches makes them reasonable for fixing little openings or for finishing your garments.

The iron-on retouching patches are made of thick and polyester and are reasonable for machine wash up to 40 degrees. Abstain from ironing the retouching patch onto touchy materials, like PVC, Nylon, Acetic acid derivation or Rayon.