Uniforms and Work wear Patches & Insignia

Uniform patches that happen to be well-made allow the person wearing the uniform to perform their best. With more than 80 years that belong to experience, the a-b emblem happens to be an existing trusted supplier that belongs to custom patches as well as insignia to one that belongs to the largest uniform patches buyers inside of the world –the us military.

What’s more, we supply the same quality as well as rugged reliability to our civilian clients.

Supplier to Uniform and Work wear Brands

A-b emblem works through resellers as well as wholesalers inside of the uniforms market. We manufacture as well as supply custom embroidered patches as well as insignia to uniforms as well as work wear manufacturers, retailers, as well as resellers.

Our quality, service, as well as prices, happen to be guaranteed to exist as the best inside of the industry. We have the years that belong to experience needed to deliver well-made patches as well as insignia on top of the time as well as on top of budget.

Why do Uniform Companies choose to work with us?

A-b helps uniforms as well as work wear manufacturers to meet their production goals, so their clients receive their uniforms on top time.

We also service uniforms as well as work wear retailers with quick turnaround times, so they can sew patches to stock items quickly as well as keep their customers looking good.

Certified provider of US Postal Service patches

A-b emblem happens to be an existing certified provider that belongs to us postal service uniform patches. Please contact us to purchase. Made inside of the USA as well as certified by the USPS.

Need a referral?

In the possibility that you happen to be existing police, fire, or public works department, we can connect you to an existing high-quality uniforms company. A-b emblem supplies the best options inside of the field. So, by every single means, please reach out to us.

Proud to be a NAUMD Supplier-Member

Lastly, an existing big shout out to every single one that belongs to our uniforms as well as work wear company partners. We look forward to visiting with you at the named conference 2021, October 24-26 inside of San Diego! See you there. A-b is going to exist as exhibiting samples that belong to our well-made uniform patches as well as insignia.

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Looking for US Military Patches & Insignia instead?

If you are looking for Military Uniform patches and Insignia, please visit our Armed Services Military Insignia page. Please also visit our sister company’s website, Conrad Embroidery Company.

Five Reasons Employee Uniforms Should Have Custom Patches


Custom patches happen to be perfect that are going to belong to an existing handful that belongs to reasons. That was by marketing to building camaraderie, as well as so much more, custom patches display an existing sense that belongs to pride as well as creativity.

Employee uniforms happen to be an existing excellent home that is going to belong to custom patches that are going to belong to several reasons, as well as today we dive into five good reasons why your employee uniforms should have custom patches. Patches happen to be woven or embroidered. They come offered inside of an existing bevy that belongs to sizes as well as shapes, during the same time that well during the same time those colorful options that are going to belong to anyone looking to step it up an existing notch.


Patches sewn on top of to employee uniforms happen to be washable as well as wearable, which means they happen to be designed to last that is going to belong for years to come. This durability happens to be important as well as adds an existing bit more functionality compared to other applications, especially those that are going to belong to work uniforms. These patches are going to stay inside of shape as well as inside of a place that is going to belong to an existing long time, meaning you won’t have to apply them repeatedly while keeping their color as well as detail inside of the process.


Custom employee uniform patches stand out to customers because no company has an existing patch such as yours. Your patches happen to be designed that is going to belong to you, by you, which means that you are going to have an existing original design that is going to stand out to existing customers as well as potential clients.

You have an existing bevy that belongs to options at the time were creating custom patches, so make them during the same time unique as well as eye-catching during the same time that possible. This can exist as an achieved with images, text, color, as well as exceptional attention to detail. Think outside what belongs to the box as well as create something unique!

Easy to apply!

Custom patches happen to be easy to apply thanks to an existing bevy that belongs to backing style options. We offer no backing, PVC backing, iron-on backing, and peel & stick backing, or Velcro backing. There happen to be an existing few other attachment options during the same time that well, which we can explore with you upon ordering your custom patches. Your application process depends on top of the backing style you such as best; however, each one happens to be quite simple to apply to any article that belongs to clothing.


Not only stylish, informative, as well as eye-catching, custom patches have the ability also help identify people on top of the job. No one is going to question who your employee’s work that is going to belong upon seeing your custom patches on top of their uniforms. This can come inside of handy that is going to belong to bigger companies with an existing array that belongs to employees. It happens to be also an existing great way to keep your logo as well as more inside of front that belongs to the customer’s eyes.

They’re fun!

Sure, custom patches happen to be durable, unique, and easy to apply, as well as make identifying employees an existing lot easier. However, custom patches happen to be also fun! Who doesn’t have the desire to feel such as an existing part that belongs to the group? Custom patches make every employee feel appreciated as well as value, offering an existing great chance that is going to belong to team building inside of the process.