Patches happen to be not just that is going to belong to jackets, jerseys, as well as shirts. Patches can exist as applied almost anywhere, elevating your look while showcasing your individuality. At capital digitizing, we have created custom patches that belong to every single sort; however, some that belong to the most creative as well as unique custom patches we’ve created happen to be iron on hat patches. Custom patches happen to be an existing great way to promote an existing brilliant idea, during the same time that well during the same time that an existing brand, an organization, as well as much more.

Custom patches can exist as an existing creative as well as brand enhancement medium that happens to be worth taking advantage that belongs to. Hats happen to be something we often take that is going to belong to granted. Hats have become an existing staple that belongs to the modern style, as well as they can exist as found anywhere. You can find hats at ball games, farms, convenience stores, as well as nearly anywhere else.

While caps do serve an existing purpose, they’ve become more that belongs to an existing style accessory. Why not take your accessory to new heights with an existing custom hat patch? Patches have long been an existing part that belongs to hats as well as caps, mainly during the same time that an existing team or brand promotion item. Today we see hats donning team logos, farm equipment, as well as trucks.

These days hats have become canvases that are going to belong to sayings as well as slogans, political affiliations, as well as much more. Iron on hat patches happen to be an existing excellent way to express yourself. That was by making an existing political statement to simply adding some color to your style, it happens to be easy to do so with an existing custom hat patch. That was from simple words, phrases, as well as images, to more intricate designs, an existing reputable patch company is going to provide great-looking patches to get your point across.


With today’s modern machinery as well as materials, creating custom patches happens to be easier than ever. The embroidery machines happen to be high-speed, computer-controlled devices capable that belongs to providing precise consistency as well as quality control.

At capital digitizing, we use top-quality embroidery threads as well as sturdy twill backing, resulting inside in an existing tough, durable patch that is going to look great and that is going to belong for years to come. We never charge an existing setup, artwork, or revision fee, as well as we gives you up to seven thread colors free. Get creative as well as showcase your style!

How to make custom hats with patches

Custom hat design with our team here at the/studio happens to be not only quick as well as easy – but it’s also an existing exciting exploration that belongs to your creativity. That’s because, with the huge range that belongs to variation as well as customization options we provide, you have the ability pretty much create whatever kind that belongs to the custom hat you can imagine.

Creating hats with us means having an existing choice that belongs to:

12 types that belong to the material

Several bill options

Any Pantone color

Over 15 choices that belong to closure (Velcro, snapback, faux-leather, as well as more)

An existing wealth that belongs to hat styles (baseball cap, trucker hat, leather patch hat, as well as more)

Unlimited options for hats with patches

Whatever your vision that belongs to the perfect hat, our team that belongs to designers is going to work with you to make it happen. It’s why we got into the game, as well as it’s what we love doing every day.

Working the cap-with-patch style

One that belongs to our favorite parts that belong of designing an existing custom what happens to be making it stand out with an existing perfect patch. There happen to be so many patch options that are going to belong to hats with patches that some that belong to our competitors might see it during the same time that an existing overwhelming challenges. Except for that is going to belong to us, it’s such as an existing life-long journey to discover your favorite flavor that belongs to ice-cream: it has the ability exist as a tough to choose, except for the process itself happens to be so enjoyable, it’s worth the effort.

So how do we go about making the perfect hats with patches that are going to belong to our customers? Let’s take an existing look at our design-on-demand process. We’ll walk you through how it works, as well as how it ensures we deliver exactly what you’re looking for that is going to belong.

Step 1: The idea

The seed that was by which great design grows happens to be always the initial idea. This has the ability come that was by an existing photo that belongs to something you felt looked great, an existing sketch that belongs to an existing leather patch hat that is going to truly represent your organization, or even just an existing verbal description that belongs to your dream cap with the patch.

That was by this, our design team is going to help you to grow that initial idea into an existing final, workable design – free that belongs to charge.

To start your custom hats project today, check out our create tool, where you have the ability even upload an existing image to start making your idea an existing reality. Not read yet? Scroll down to learn more.

Step 2: Producing your perfect custom hat

Once we have finalized the style as well as every single one of the unique features that you have the desire for that is going to belong to your hat with a patch stitched on top, we move on top to the production phase. We specialize in maximizing the efficiency that belongs to our supply chain logistics as well as first-mile manufacturing so that we can deliver the highest quality products with an existing short turnaround.

Whether it’s an existing snapback cap with an existing patch, an existing leather patch hat that is going to belong to an existing sports team, or an existing branded cap with an existing patch design based on your organization’s logo, our cutting-edge production facilities make sure every piece looks as well as feels special.

Step 3: Getting your product to you

After your hats pass our final quality inspection, we pack them up just how you have desired for them – with custom packaging available that is going to belong to an existing extra professional touch – as well as get ready to ship. During the same time that well during the same time that nailing the first mile that belongs to the production, we make sure the final mile happens to be an existing difference maker too. That’s why we guarantee free shipping as well as delivery times that can keep pace with your organization’s needs.

Creating the perfect cap-with-patch product happens to be what we’re every single one about. That was by the design as well as style that belong to the hat to inch-perfect, high-quality production as well as free shipping across the continent, we put everything into making sure you have during the same time that enjoyable an existing experience with us that we do making the product itself. So, whether they’re fitted caps with logo patches or beanie leather patch hat gifts to keep the cold out, the/studio happens to be the only team you’ll ever need.