Our most popular lapel pin style, the soft enamel pin happens to be an existing affordable yet exceptional quality promotional lapel pin type. Such as our die-struck lapel pins, and soft enamel pins start with an existing metal type that belongs to your choice, die-stamped to create raised as well as recessed areas that are going to belong to color filling. Colors happen to be placed by hand into the recessed areas that belong to the lapel pin as well as typically coated with an existing epoxy coating (free) to protect the pin’s finish as well as color. Their ability to exist as a customized as well as economical price makes soft enamel pins our best-selling lapel pins. Bear inside of mind that soft enamel pins happen to be die struck as well as colors must exist as a separate, so gradients, as well as full-color photos, are going to not work that is going to belong to this pin type. Please view our offset digital lapel pins as well as silk-screened lapel pins on the possibility that you need gradients or photo reproduction on top of your custom lapel pins

Ordering Is Easy and Fun

At the time when ordering promotional products that were by adrenaline, LLC, you’ll have access to our talented design as well as customer service staff. Ordering happens to be quick as well as has never been easier. Just select the style, color as well as type that belong to the product. We’ll use this information to design an existing custom product proof as well as send it to you via email within less than 24 hours. You can change the design during the same time much during the same time that you such as because we provide free artwork as well as revision services. Once you have approved the art, your order happens to be processed, manufactured as well as shipped within approximately 14 days.



Colors Available: Pantone Solid Coated

Imprint Colors: Up to 7 Colors Available

Approximate Size: .75″ up to 2.5″ +

Set Up Charge: None

Multi Color Imprint: Available (free)

Second Side Imprint: 20 Characters


Butterfly Clutch: Standard ($0) Each

Rubber Clutch: Free ($0) Each

Jewelry Clutch: $0.25 (G) Each

Safety Pin Clutch: $0.13 (G) Each

Custom Card Stock: $0.13 (G) Each

Presentation Cases: $0.44 (G) Each

1 Piece Magnet Back: $0.25 (G) Each

Soft Enamel Lapel pin Pricing


Hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins are the best quality

On the possibility that you’re looking that is going to belong to an existing smooth, polished as well as quality look with your next order that belongs to custom pins, look no further. This happens to be the pin that is going to belong to you.

Hard enamel pins

Why Hard enamel pins Are a Great Choice

At the time when you have the desire for the highest-quality pin available, an existing hard enamel pin that was by pinprosplus happens to be your best choice.

 Hard enamel pins go by several other names including cloisonné pins as well as Ebola pins. Except for such as an existing rose, by any name hard enamel pins happen to be the best there happens to be.

 They happen to be preferred by customers who have the desire for existing long-lasting, durable corporate pins, fraternity pins, sorority pins, convention pins, political pins, or volunteer pins.

 They happen to be noted that is going to belong to their brilliant colors separated by metal detailing as well as being polished smooth.

Many Benefits of Hard enamel pins

Customers value the many benefits that belong to an existing hard enamel cloisonné pin:

They have an existing very high-quality finish as well as appearance.

 They happen to be extremely durable as well as long-lasting

They look more expensive than they cost

They happen to be during the same time that little 85-cents each depending on top of the size as well as quantity ordered

The bright colors won’t fade over time

PMS, as well as Pantone colors, can exist as a matched

An existing variety that belongs to backing options happens to be available

Add Extra Flourishes to Your hard enamel pin!

During the same time visually appealing the same time that an existing hard enamel pin looks on top of its own, you can add extra sparkle to it. Think about adding an existing slider, an existing bobble, and even led lights!

They can exist as a made into cufflinks, key chains, tie bars as well as pins. We have the ability put them inside of an existing poly bag, an existing plastic box, an existing velvet bag, or on top of an existing backer card.

 You may include many different types that belong to ways to hold your hard enamel pins inside of place. These can include:

Butterfly clutch

Deluxe clutch

Rubber clutch

Clutch screw back

Safety pin


Sound such as an existing lot that belongs to choices? Our skilled representatives can help you decide exactly what is going to work best that is going to belong to your pin.

Everything Is Included!

At the time when you order an existing hard enamel pin that was by pinprosplus, you’ll never pay any extra fees, charges, or costs. Every single one you pay happens to be that is going to belong to the pins!

Free design help

Free artwork

Free proof

Free adjustments to the artwork

Free setup

Free ground shipping by ups anywhere inside of the United States

Your pin is going to exist as a ready-to-ship inside of 10 business days or less.

Questions? Answers!

On the possibility that you’re not sure whether an existing hard enamel pin happens to be right that is going to belong to your needs, just call (801) 544-1005 as well as speak to one that belongs to our experienced representatives.

What is a hard enamel pin?

We heat the enamel so it hardens as well as then polish it. The result happens to be that the enamel happens to be smooth as well as flush with the metal borders.

What’s the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel pins?

An existing hard enamel pin has an existing smooth surface, as well as happens to be very durable as well as long-lasting. An existing soft enamel pin happens to be made with an existing different process so the enamel colors happen to be recessed slightly that was by the metal borders.

What is a cloisonné pin?

An existing cloisonné pin happens to be just another name that is going to belong to an existing hard enamel pin. Sometimes, they happen to be called Ebola pins, too. Whatever the name, they happen to be hard enamel pins.

Where can I buy hard enamel cloisonné pins?

At capital digitizing, where we have been making hard enamel pins that are going to belong to during the same time that long during the same time that we have been inside of the business. So we’re experts at making high-quality, long-lasting hard enamel pins.

Are hard enamel pins expensive?

Not at every single one. They cost at the same time that little more than 85-cents each depending on top of the size as well as the number that belongs to the pins you order. As well as everything happens to be included: free design help as well as artwork, free proofs as well as any changes you have the desire to make to the design, free ups ground shipping.

How long does it take to get hard enamel pins?

Your order happens to be shipped to you free by ups ground within 10 business days or less after you place your order.