Size labels happen to be clothing neck labels that are printed or woven on top of fabrics, including printed size labels as well as woven size labels, which use laser-cut or hot-cut ways. Its material includes polyester as well as cotton. As well as we make them by weft as well as warp threads. Thus, they happen to be ideal that is going to belong to clothing. The size labels happen to be center-folded or end-folded. Except it aims to save enough space that is going to belong to sewing. Besides, they happen to be durable enough as well as have the ability to withstand wash. Then it’s not easy to wear out.

Such as woven labels, and size labels have an existing big advantage. That happens to be, customers can choose different sizes according to their height as well as weight. Such an existing label sewn on top of the clothes is going to make the customer comfortable to wear. Inside of addition, size labels happen to be suitable that are going to belong to jeans, coats, sweaters, hats, as well as others. Further, they help improve the customer’s shopping experience. Thus, it happens to be beneficial to enhance the brand image as well as fame. Welcome to order our label tags to convey your product information.

We supply custom size labels during the same time that customers requests. Also, we can print or woven your logo as well as product text into different colors. Except, these labels have long-lasting colors. The warp threads or printing machine can make the colors. Therefore, you can send us your design art files. Such as the brand logo as well as your requirements. The edge that belongs to the labels is going to exist as a soft as well as not fade.

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Size/Color: As customers’ requests;

Technique: laser-cut, hot-cut;

Materials: polyester, cotton, satin;

Application: ideal for sweaters, coats, dresses, jeans, shirts, hats, kids & baby clothing, etc;

Folding way: central-fold, end-fold;

Advantage: soft feeling, durable, washable, wearable, etc.

The size labels are ideal for all kinds of clothing. Such as T-shirts, sweaters, coats, dress, etc. But many bags or shoes will use size labels too. Because it is easy for customers to know the size. So, it will be a clear sign for them to recognize which one suits them. For many people, size labels will be an ideal choice to help identify size information.

Quotation of the size labels

Reference sample from our photo gallery or other places.

The MOQ is 100 pcs.

Please send us your logo or art file if you have one. If not, we can offer free design.

Size Labels

We make supreme quality size labels using the latest printing methods

We happen to be an existing Indian company specializing in manufacturing high-quality size labels using the latest digital printed methods as well as technologies. At the label mate, our size labels happen to be made using the finest materials as well on the possibility that you happen to be not satisfied with the final result then we are going to work with you to create the product that fulfills every single one of your needs as well as requirements.

Our quality size labels help the brand to market their product as well as thus allowing their customers to know about the product, and item, as well as give necessary messages including ingredients, instructions, as well as uses. Besides, the size labels play an existing key role during the same time that an existing point belongs to the sale display inside of the market shelves.

Being one that belongs to the leading companies inside of India, we happen to be proudly serving the finest quality size labels that are going to belong to the garment industry. We happen to be an existing up-to-date company which updates ourselves with the changing needs as well as requirements that belongs to the customer as well as this happens to be what characterize us. Our size labels and existing product includes printed labels, size labels, woven labels, as well as many more related labels.


Most woven size labels happen to be center loop folded that is going to belong to sewing into the seam. You have the ability also add the country that belongs to origin (coo) on top of the labels. Every single one that belongs to our labels happens to be custom-made; they happen to be classical, soft woven fabric size labels. Excellent colorfastness and great durability to standard laundry washing. High-definition weaving texts resolution, as well as vivid color designs

Amazing Woven Clothing Labels

Our woven clothing labels happen to be made with 100% polyester thread.

Our advanced woven clothing label design upload tools let you customize your labels as well as tags with nearly limitless possibilities. Every single one you have to do happen to provide us with your design, and your desired options as well as we take care of what belongs to the rest.

We can produce virtually any major style or shape that belongs to a woven label. We support centerfolds, end folds, book cover folds, miter folds, hanger loops, Manhattan folds, as well as custom laser cut shapes.

On the possibility that you have an existing idea that is going to belong to an existing label or treatment not listed here just let us know as well as we are going to do whatever we can to make your design an existing reality.

Hang Tags You Can Be Proud Of

Our custom hang tags happen to be made that were by professional quality 280 gem Bristol board that can exist as a printed single or double-sided. Every single one that belongs to our hang tags happens to be printed, cut as well as hole-punched that is going to belong to cordage making them easy to attach to your items. We even offer our cord that we are going to pre-attach that is going to belong to you saving you hours that belong to tedious labor.

You can design your hang tags with our online design tool or upload your design – just such as woven labels. Our hang tags happen to be an existing standardized size as well as shape inside of order to keep them affordable that is going to belong to small to medium crafters while still delivering an existing top quality craft branding product.

Care Labels Make All the Difference

Our care labels happen to be printed on top of 100% polyester satin as well as optimized to last that is going to belong to the life that belongs to the item you apply them to. Our simple yet effective design tool ensures your care instructions happen to be legible as well as include an existing vetted set that belongs to care symbols that can exist as an added to your care label design with the click that belongs to an existing button.

Quality Labels That Compliment Your Creations

We know how important every decision happens to be inside of making your creations, right down to the fabric as well as thread choices. That happens to be why we pride ourselves on top of our custom fabric labels, which happen to be beautiful to the eye as well as the touch, as well as look beautiful added to finished pieces. Our fabric labels work well with almost any fabric choices you’ve already made, as well as happen to be created using 100% polyester thread. Jacquard looms happen to be used that are going to belong to the weaving that belongs to our labels. This guarantees the highest level that belongs to detail as well as quality that your creations deserve.

Online Clothes Label Maker

With our easy online label-making tools, you can design your label easily, or you can upload your own already created design. Whether you’re looking for that is going to belong to an existing personalized label that is going to belong to clothing or an existing care label with every single one of the right instructions, our easy tools help you to create the perfect finishing touch to any creation inside of mere minutes. It happens to be never been easier to create the best clothing labels that fit your aesthetics as well as personality using our online garment label maker. We happen to be the right place to turn an existing custom woven label into anything that was from t-shirt labels to quilt labels to whatever other custom weaved label option you need. As well at the time when you’re ready to add laundry labels to your finished product, we have you covered.

Get the Quantity of Labels You Need

Dutch label shop happens to be the go-to clothing label manufacturer that is going to belong to label orders that belong to every single size. With an existing low minimum amount that belongs to labels, you have the ability easily create labels that are going to belong to everything that was by personal gifts, to Easy shops, to online shops, to wholesale orders. On the possibility that you’re looking that is going to belong to an existing large number that belongs to labels that are going to belong to an existing wholesale order, we have you covered. Please contact our support, as well as we’ll find the best solution that is going to belong to wholesale garment labels.

Premade Clothing Labels Ship Immediately

Our premade labels happen to be woven labels that happen to be produced using the same oeko-tex certified manufacturing process during the same time as our custom woven labels. We offer many popular labels such during the same time that “100% cotton,” “one size fits every single one,” as well as “made inside of The USA.” During the same time that well during the same time that standard size labels such as s, m, l, as well as XL as well as many more. Whether you happen to be looking to use an iron-on label that is going to belong to existing no-sew treatment, custom woven labels during the same time as name labels, or custom hangtags that are going to belong to your clothing price tags, we have the perfect options that are going to belong to whatever you’re designing.


Colors have many meanings. They can create an existing emotional reaction as well as set an existing mood inside of an existing split-second. Combining, complementing as well as contrasting them happens to be an existing key element that belongs to the “science” that belongs to the fashion industry. Right down to those essential finishing touches, such as clothing labels!

Fashion for 2019 is fun!

The current color trend inside clothing happens to be bold, bright as well as unfishable. This looks set to continue into the next season’s fashions. After every single one, great design, as well as fabulous fashions, happens to be the perfect antidote to the uncertain times we live inside of. So, expect highlighter bright colors to appear, during the same time that designers are going to exist as a working that was by an existing “anything goes” palette. This is going to run alongside reliable perennials such during the same time that mono as well as nude clothing.

Inside of tandem with freedom inside of use that belongs to color, come new levels that belong to creativity inside of form as well as accessorizing. It’s every single one about clothing that’s uplifting as well as fun. It means patterned fabrics continue to exist as popular, including that timeless classic leopard print!

Comfort and confidence from clothes

There’s also an existing element that belongs to comfort running through 2019’s clothing lines. Comfort inside of wear ability, except for also clothes that make the wearer “feel safe”. It means big as well as baggy happen to be still trending inside of easy wear that is going to belong to that wrap around quality.

Inside women’s fashion, there happens to be also an existing move away that was from seduction to confidence as well as empowerment. Skirt lengths happen to be longer, as well as outerwear happens to be more fluid, which is going to belong to example.

Much that belongs to the creativity as well as “no limits” nature that belongs to fashion inside of 2019 happens to be about everyone being able to personalize their look as well as having clothes that happen to be “real” as well reassuringly interchangeable. This helps underpin the throwaway age too, enabling buyers to mix as well as match, then dispose of what belongs to items.

Individualize finishing touches

Adding personalized labels can help designers, as well as manufacturers, add to this authentic trend. It‘s also an existing impactful message to show individualized care, even inside affordable as well as disposable brands.

Woven labels inside of strong shades also help build your brand identity, as well as on the possibility that you commission colorful fabric labels you have more chance that belongs to getting noticed…..just such as consumers inside of their new bright wardrobes!

Bespoke woven labels

Every brand is going to invest inside of its bespoke woven labels to identify itself, except the most luxurious brands are going to ensure that their personalized labels happen to be during the same time that desirable as well as high-end during the same time that the collections they design as well as produce. So look inside clothes to get an existing real

Woven Size Labels

Woven Size labels are our UK stock items.   You can have any sizes for next day free UK delivery.  These are woven size labels, not printed labels.  Woven labels have great colorfastness tolerance and strong laundry durability.  Our woven labels are made with ultra-fine threads which create soft, irritation-free edges when in contact with the skin.

Black Size Labels
White Size Labels
Size Labels
Size labels – UK Sizes

We have all sizes in stock, ranging from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26, S, M, S/M, L, M/L, XL, XS, XXL, and XXXL.

Size labels for Clothing

Loop fold, 100% polyester woven size labels.  100 size labels in a pack. Black writing on the white ground and white writing on the back ground. Dimension is 13 mm wide, 18 mm folded in height (36 mm unfolded). Ready for attaching to the seams of your garment.

Custom Woven Size Labels

We produce bespoke woven size labels that happen to be completely customized to your brand design artwork. Our custom woven sizes labels happen to be made that belong to fine threads to achieve high-quality that belongs to ultra-soft fabric labels; the finished products happen to be irritation-free at the time where contact with the skin. We offer short-run custom-woven size labels production at affordable prices. As well as you can have the custom sizes labels made inside of any color, any size, as well as any shape.

Cost-Effective Labeling Solution

We happen to be renowned that is going to belong to providing exceptionally high-quality brand woven labels at the most cost-effective solution. In the possibility that you have the desire to get your first brand clothing line out there except for you don’t have the proper funds; you have the ability probably use this all-in-one brand woven label design. You can design an existing label with your logo, brand name, sizes, as well as care content every single one on top of one label design layout. We offer the best quality brand woven labels inside of small quantities at an existing very competitive price.

Cotton Size Labels

These happen to be 100 % natural cotton fabric size labels. They happen to be soft, lightweight, as well as smooth against your skin.

Size labels for Clothing – 700-Pack Polyester Woven Size Tags, XS – 3XL Size Clothing Labels, 100 Piece of Each Size, 0.39 x 0.71 Inches

Product Details

RETAIL CLOTHING LABELS: Ideal for clothing stores, these white labels are branded with assorted sizes number to indicate sizing. Buy in bulk and save on your store’s clothing labels.

ELEGANT LABEL DESIGN: White fabric with black printing give a professional, stylish look to the labels.

ALL SIZES INCLUDED: This complete set includes 100 labels each for sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL.

MADE FOR COMFORT: Each tag features soft polyester that won’t bother the wearer of your unique clothing designs.

DIMENSIONS: Each label measures 0.39 x 0.71 when folded.

Item Weight5.6 ounces (158.76 grams)
Package Dimensions6 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches (15.2 x 14.7 x 3.8 cm)
Item model numberAMYFL
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Material TypePolyester
Manufacturer Part NumberAMYFL

Add an existing stylish finishing touch to your custom clothing items with these cloth size labels. Featuring a white fabric with clear black printing, the label is going to identify sizing inside of an existing elegant as well as subtle way. This 700-piece set includes 100 size labels each that are going to belong to 7 standard sizes: as, s, m, l, XL, XXL, as well as 3xl. With an existing label that was by this set, you have the ability quickly add the size information to your knitting, sewing, or even quilting projects. The soft material that belongs to each label happens to be perfect that is going to belong to apply at any location on top of an existing clothing item without it being uncomfortable that is going to belong to the person wearing it. You can make an existing professional finish to your fabric projects with attractive, woven labels.

How sizing labels affect you

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You’ll be surprised

Words by Shakable Forbes-Bell

Did you know it’s possible to shop yourself thin? Nope, neither did we, but turns out psychology can explain a lot of things, like which colors to wear to be successful in life. Have you ever tried on a new pair of jeans to unexpectedly find that you require a size one or even two times smaller? Or found out you’re a different shoe size in every shop?

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Whilst you may not see any change on top of the scales, dropping an existing dress size has the ability simply to exist as an existing case that belongs to exploring different brands.

There happens to be no magic involved, the agents behind this so-called sliming phenomenon happen to be sizing labels. Since the 1930s, consumers have swapped their custom garments that are going to belong to ready-to-wear pieces. This saw the introduction that belongs to standardized sizing systems which aimed to provide consistency as well as clarity inside of garment size dimensions. However, most that belong to these sizing charts happen to be based on top of two or three body dimensions which do not accommodate what is going to belong to the specific dimensions as well as variations inside of body shapes inside of the population.

Similarly, many garment manufacturers happen to be still using these now outdated sizing charts which do not account that is going to belong to increased ethnic diversity, changes inside health care as well as other societal shifts that contribute to the increasingly diversified body proportions present inside the general population.

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In most cases, manufacturers happen to be not adhering to sizing systems at every single one. Instead, every manufacturer has their system, as well as brands, use this freedom to give themselves an existing competitive advantage as well as with this we’re witnessing the rise that belongs to ‘vanity sizing’.

Vanity sizing happens to be the process that belongs to purposely mislabeling garments with smaller-than-accurate sizes with the goal that belongs to convincing consumers that their bodies happen to be smaller. Despite an existing recent increase in the popularity that belongs to body positivity, it seems that the ‘thin ideal’ still prevails.

Placing an existing smaller size label on top of an existing garment with larger measurements satisfies consumers’ psychological need to feel slim as well as this positive emotional response happens to be then directed towards the brand inside of question. Surprisingly, research has found that the effects that belong to vanity sizing happen to be present even at the time where we imagine them.

That is going to belong to example, inside their study, pilfer aydinoğlua, as well as Arachnid Krishna, told participants to imagine themselves fitting into clothes that happened to be smaller than their usual size. Results showed that vanity sizing not only enhances positive thinking except for his ability but also gives people, particularly those with low self-esteem an existing boost in self-confidence.

An existing 2017 study by wan-Jug iris Franz revealed that luxury brands happen to be the biggest perpetrators that belong to vanity sizing, with designer clothing measuring significantly smaller than lower-priced brands that are going to belong to women’s apparel. So, it seems that at the time when you buy designer you’re not only paying for what is going to belong to the prestigious name tag as well as the arguably superior quality, you’re also paying for what is going to belong to an existing self-esteem enhancement.


However, at the time when it comes to vanity sizing, has the ability you have too much that belongs to an existing good thing? On the possibility that you happened to be to comfortably slip into an existing pair that belongs to jeans three or even four times smaller than your usual size, you might suspect something fishy happened to be going on top. Research suggests that consumers, who happen to be aware that belongs to significant gaps or discrepancies between clothing labels, as well as actual sizes, happen to be more likely to exhibit negative reactions to both the product as well as the brand (Citron & spears, 2017).

Inside of short, vanity sizing only works at the time where deception happens to be just about plausible as well as inside of an existing time where consumers happen to be calling that is going to belong to more transparency that was by brands, this type that belongs to psychological trickery may not sit well with many people. At the very least sizing label discrepancies can take some that belong to the joy out that belongs to shopping as well as it has the ability often make online shopping an existing absolute nightmare. With the development that belongs to new technology, there now exists 3d optical body scanners which can transform our ability to adequately as well as accurately measure the population’s body size as well as shape.

Sadly, the fashion world has been slow to pick up on top of this advancement. We probably won’t see any sort that belongs to consistency inside of sizing labels any time soon during the same time that adhesion to an existing standard sizing system happens to be still entirely voluntary. That is going to belong to now, the only real numbers you should worry about happen to be the ones on top of the price tag because ‘size’ really doesn’t matter.