Just unroll and get ready for customers to roll on in. Pre-assembled with single- and double-sided printing options.

Stand up and stand out with retractable banners.

  • NEW: Smaller size option
  • 3 size options
  • 4 cassette types
  • Single- & double-sided options
  • Preassembled stand, banner & case
  • Quick & easy setup

A portable powerhouse

Announce your presence during trade shows, conferences, events, farmers markets and more with custom retractable banners. With their easy assembly and included carrying case, your event setup (and take down) will take just minutes. Use your custom banner to promote special offers, advertise new products or share a QR code – whatever message you’d like.

Easy to set up & reuse

Our roll-up banners come preassembled with everything you need – stand, banner and case – in an assortment of options for your needs and budget. Durable and ready for repeated and long-term indoor use, these banners are a great way to get your brand noticed in busy settings. When assembling, use both hands to pull up from the center of your banner to avoid damage. And when you’re done, simply roll down your banner, pop it in its case and store it for your next event.

Intuitive design process

To start creating your pop up banner, upload your design or explore our gallery of fully customizable design templates, including industry- and event-specific options. (Have a design ready to go? Use our design upload option.) Once you’ve found a design, make it yours by adding your custom details and choosing the options that work best for your roll up banner. Then we’ll take care of the rest, professionally printing and shipping your order. Your custom creation will arrive looking great and ready to get noticed.

Options: Retractable Banners



Good stability with a strong aluminum base
Best for: light use like reception areas
Available sizes & materials: 24″ x 62″ (vinyl & polyester fabric), 33″ x 81″ (vinyl)

Standard Plus

Great stability with a heavier aluminum base
Best for: retail & event displays
Available sizes & materials: 33″ x 81″ (vinyl)


Better stability on the base
Best for: trade shows
Available sizes & materials: 33″ x 81″ (vinyl) & 47″ x 81″ (vinyl)

Premium Plus

Great stability with a premium chrome base
Best for: professional settings & expos
Available sizes & materials: 33″ x 81″ (polyester fabric)

Banner Material


Smooth, light-blocking vinyl.

Polyester Fabric

Knotted, coated fabric that blocks light.


Single Sided
1 banner with front-side printing.

Double Sided
2 banners for front & back visibility.

Product Specs & Templates

Full Bleed Size : (23.7″ x 62.24″)(602 x 1,581 mm)
Document Trim Size : (23.46″ x 62.01″)(596 x 1,575 mm)
Safety Area(22.99″ x 58.31″)(584 x 1,481 mm)

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