Patch Work Jeans

Patched Denim / Patched Jeans / Reworked Vintage Jeans with Patches / vintage brand jeans/painted denim/redone jeans /boyfriend jeans/


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Patch Work Jeans:

Made to order, in any size, within 14 working days . Ready to send size : 34,36,38
If you need different size, please send me a message and I will make you a special and unique design within 14 working days.
They are all different! No one will have the same one as you have!
Hand painted, one of kind jeans.
You pick your size, model (slime- boyfriend- high waist- low waist) and primer color and you will get your singular design.

“my queens wish” is a women’s clothes and accessories brand that was established on 2016 to promote green unique recycled work.
Every piece of my designs is different and original, which makes them all unique and exclusive.
Some of my reworked clothing is as good as new and the rest are in very good condition.

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