Jeans Patching

Jeans Patching, Rustic Star Patch, iron on patches for jeans, easy to apply patch, jean repair, fabric patches, handmade


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Jeans Patching:

This colony of Jeans Patching will keep your beloved jeans going. Whether it’s a bugging tear or you’re wanting to add something buzzingly different to your jeans this swarm has something unique for you.

This patch is our Rustic Star design.

How To Pick A Patch Size?
All you need to do is measure the hole with a ruler or measuring tape and add an inch all around (this is to allow for the iron on tape to be attached) and select your patch. If none of the patch sizes work contact us for a custom patch to suit your requirements.

How Easy Is It To Apply?
Super easy. Each patch comes with step by step instructions provided with each patch. It’s basically remove the permanent strong tape, place under the hole and iron with no steam… well Queen Bee will give you the exact instructions.

Will This Work On The Knee Area?
Yes, our patches work on the knee area. However, if you have stretchy jeans and do lots of bending moves you will need a customised patch that contains Spandex to provide that extra give. Contact us for a custom order.

Is The Patch Applied To The Inside Or Outside?
Most of our patches are applied to the inside of the jeans. However we do have some patches that are ironed straight on top of the jeans/jackets. Contact us if you need to change the patch to an outside patch instead of inside.