How to make printed patches?

At the time when you think that belongs to making an existing patch by your photo, an existing woven patch or embroidered patch isn’t easy to achieve. Because there happen to be too many colors as well as details inside of the photo that the embroidered as well as woven patch happens to be difficult to fully show off (embroidered as well as woven patches happen to be usually made inside of 9 colors). Then the best option happens to be to make it to an existing printed patches. The printed patches happens to be done by printing the photo onto an existing sheet that belongs to heat transfer paper as well as then transferring the pattern onto an existing twill fabric by hot pressing. In this way, the original details, as well as colors that belong to the photo, can exist as perfectly displayed.


Custom printed patches

Choose photographic realism

Printed patches happen to be such as wearing an existing vivid drawing on top of your sleeve. You have the ability do to do every single one sorts that belong to things that aren’t usually possible with embroidery, such as subtle details as well as unlimited colors. Durable as well as vibrant, our printed masterpieces happen to be backed by existing world-class expertise as well as an existing customer experience second only to the actual patches you get inside of the mail.