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Whether its strolls along the seafront or popping to the general store, this large shopper pack is planned with a lively palm Print Shopper. It secures with an attractive conclusion, with a scaled down pocket to within for your more modest resources.

palm print shopper bag

Riviera, inseparable from summer, occasions and the ocean side. The embellishments presented in this line total the prepared to-wear looks enlivened by the best seaside resorts. Made of material and nylon, they can be worn on different events on account of their reversible plan. Reversible shopper pack with twofold handle: strong variety nylon outwardly and printed material within. Estimations: 61 x 42 x 19 cm.

Yambe Blue Daisy Print Shopper

Our hand drawn daisy print has been carefully printed on a fresh 100 percent cotton woven texture with a wonderful peach finish. The Yambe shopper has been printed carefully to lessen how much colors, energy and water utilized contrasted with regular screen-printing. Fabricated dependably in Kenya utilizing sustainable power. Wonderfully developed utilizing reused sewing string and interlining. Yambe is a delightful coral island simply off the shore of Tanga in Tanzania.

Sunflower Print Shopper Bag

✅ Shein carry bag.✅ handbag for ladies’ material. ✅ carry for ladies ✅ this handbag is made of excellent cloth with a premium design.✅ this handbag can be utilized for college ✅ carry anime sack

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