Custom Patches for Your Clothes

One of the most famous ways of showing custom patches is by appending them to pieces of clothing. Large numbers of our clients make their own fix plans and use them to spruce up shirts, customize caps, add style to jeans, enliven jackets, from there, the sky is the limit. We’ve made dress patches that include business logos, groups, craftsmanship, leisure activities, clubs, statements, motion pictures, and a variety of different interests.

Show Your Extraordinary Style

At American Fix, we offer the best custom patches at cutthroat costs. You can make almost any shape or size fix, and we incorporate up to 8 string tones at no extra expense! This implies you can make your definitive extra. Clothing patches are perfect for articulating your thoughts, however they can likewise be utilized to bind together associations, address local area occasions, sell items, assist with bringing issues to light, and the sky is the limit from there. The excellence of our custom patches is that they can be made for and worn on almost anything. They might in fact be utilized to fix openings in your dress!

Excellent Apparel Patches

At American Fix, we offer in excess of 120 string and twill tones and utilize the best quality materials to guarantee strength. This implies you can undoubtedly make the ideal custom fix to grandstand what your identity is and what you love. We can assist you with concluding which sort of fix is ideal for yourself and we’ll try and send you an example. Investigate a portion of the dress patch we’ve made in the past in our exhibition for motivation.


Embroidered patch weren’t popular all of the time. For many years, they were worn exclusively for viable purposes like concealing openings in frayed attire and marking individuals in uniform. Be that as it may, for the beyond a very long while, they’ve come represent a wide range of things to various individuals.

Search one of a kind patches on Capitaldigitizing and you’ll see that these minuscule design symbols have held up, however there’s as yet an interest for them. Assuming you revisit style history, you’ll see that the beginning of the enduring effect of patches in the design world began where such countless patterns do — in the roads.

In the mid 1960s, a nonconformity of youngsters were flooding the roads to fight the Vietnam war. They were discussing beat verse and shaping a scholarly uprising to stand up to and evacuate exceptionally old frameworks of a customary America. Be that as it may, during the 1960s, another nonconformity emerged, furnished with blossoms, patches, headbands and gestures of goodwill. Flower children, were fighting the fights. They were embracing nature, love and sympathy and dumping the customs of the Western working class to shape their own dreamer networks.

Our Set of experiences

American Fix and Token Organization has been making excellent custom patch for clothes and different materials starting around 2000. Our organization started when a lady named Terri Grossman made a soccer fix for her companion’s association. The fix was so fruitful, Terri chose to start up her own business. She started American Fix in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

From the start, American Fix just made exemplary embroidered patches. Not long after that, nonetheless, clients started requesting different kinds of patches. Our business developed and we began offering things like woven patches and bullion peaks. Therefore, we extended and moved to Wayne, Pennsylvania. This is where we are currently.

Today, American Fix is important for POPLA Inc. furthermore, is a completely female-claimed business. We make uniquely embroidered patches, woven patches, clear patch, and color sublimated (photograph or print) patches for clothes. What’s more, we likewise make hand-embroidered bullion peaks.

Our Objective

Our objective at American Fix is to give our clients the greatest patch. We likewise assist our clients with picking a fix that will look perfect with their plan. We realize that specific plans look better on specific fix types and we need to ensure yours puts its best self forward. Just finish up a free statement structure and connect your work of art or call us. We’d be glad to offer you some guidance on the most proficient method to make your fix stick out.