Motorcycle club patches are an exceptional piece of the biker culture. For a short history of biker patches, look at our Blog. Whether you live to ride or are an end of the week fighter, patches are an incredible method for making yourself clear. is your one-stop, no-bother hotspot for motorcycle club patches, all things considered. Whether it’s a little square shape to honor a fallen companion or a full back patch with rockers, we can deal with it.

Our top-quality materials and craftsmanship, joined with our thorough quality control implies your custom patches will be the best that anyone could hope to find. To the extent that cost goes, we won’t be undersold, so you can get extraordinary custom patches, no matter what the size of your financial plan!


On the off chance that you believe an extraordinary plan should address your unit, group, crew or battalion, has the response! Our gifted visual craftsmen will happily assist you with turning your plan, whether serious, hilarious or in the middle between, into a marvelous looking patch. Since we don’t charge for fine art or revisions, you should rest assured your patches will look the very way you need them to.


Custom Motorcycle club patches

Is it true that you are looking for a seller that can make custom motorcycle club patches for your club? Look no further. I’m In Lines makes custom patches to meet the plan specifications of your MC.

The weaving arrangement process guarantees that clients get to survey sewed evidences of the patches for motivations behind mentioning variety changes or alters to the actual plan. Once we have that all dialed In, we document client inclinations in the client’s document for any future re-orders.

To offer a statement and to begin a patch project, what we really want is to see excellent computerized workmanship for the principal patches. You might transfer a computerized picture or a photograph through our Contact Us page. We additionally need a comprehension of the strategy for personalization of club patches (e.g., initiation dates, nickname positions, and so on.).

Photographs of how these have been done already can frequently be adequate, particularly assuming you submit photographs.

We only weave the motorcycle club patches. We don’t sew the patches onto jackets or vests. What we convey are exceptionally embroidered patches sewed onto dark marine vinyl. These are introduced in a larger part of material. For instance, bending rocker patches will be introduced on a rectangular molded piece of vinyl. This permits clients to remove the patches of the vinyl as indicated by club inclinations about to what lengths additional material the club will go for around the patch to assist with sewing the patch to the coat or vest.

I’m In Lines regards clubs’ cravings to control club patches. We comprehend that clubs need only their individuals showing affiliation with a club. While we have zero control over whether any one request appears to be like another club’s patches and varieties, we can ensure that any patches that are deficient or harmed in production will be obliterated prior to being disposed of.

Custom Biker Patches Ideal for your motorcycle club patches

Simply send us your motorcycle club patches logo and we will work with you until you are happy with the appearance of you specially crafted patch.

We can plan a delightful patch from your motorcycle club patches logo at no additional expense. Simply call us, our master patch architects are standing by to help you.

Motorcycle club patches are a traditional approach to recognizing motorcycle club patches individuals.

At the Damnation Heavenly messengers, for example, competitors and possibilities who are casted a ballot to join the club get the authority club patch as an honor at their initiation ceremony. In their shoptalk, the individuals call this significant stage as “being patch”.

However, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biker patch resembles an ID, that isn’t tottally yours, assuming you leave the club or are launched out for reasons unknown you should give the motorcycle club patches back to the club.